VIVO Announces $5 million Strategic Investment and Supply Agreement with Westleaf4 min read

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  1. Joy Austin says:

    I am so shocked you maybe helping you me

  2. Michael Shelton says:

    I have had over 40 seizures and I’ve been brought back to life 4 time’s but I haven’t had a seizure as long as I have CBD and THC in my system God put it here it’s about time we realize that it is safe and saves life’s everyday

  3. Mukhtar says:

    Yes thank you banyan hill and cannabis company I’m complete investment this years 2019 5000 000 00 $ 12 months I help you banyan hill and cannabis company I’m list investigation in American I’m living north Somalia

  4. Wat is the smallest investment I could join in, and once in, can I increase my portfolio from profits, by automatic continuation of compounded investment for a period of one year!?

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