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Unemployment vs. Employment: What Really Matters9 min read

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  1. Malcolm says:

    You are correct , there looks like a big move up should be on the cards ,but there are two very strong negative points against this
    1. Technical Analysis points to a strong move down
    2. JP Morgan control this market ;currently they are net long gold ,net short silver .How can you be net long yet the price fall ? Because they dictate the price through Comex.
    We await their decision ,but because they act on behalf of the Fed odds are the price will be down because the US cannot afford the price to rise as it would destroy the dollar.

  2. Atanas says:

    I think that gap between population and employed one will increase and there few reasons for that: strong unions, weak gov./politicians, prosper China took most of the jobs and lazy people in western society. Unfortunately there are not strong, responsible politicians to tell the truth to the people that:1. Let unions ask and get so much that the companies do not have and could not afford; 2. Let the companies move jobs to China, wake China which would “eat the all word”; 3. Governments/polit. spend/stole more than what we had; 4. Our society became lazy, irresponsible, just asking without bother to think where will come from. Thank you, Atanas

  3. Outdoorman says:

    Since I took training in a technology college between 1968 and -70 everyone has talked about how technology was going to replace workers. It hasn’t happened. Technology has not cut the work force, but it has changed the types of jobs required in this changing environment. The reason we have lost jobs in North America is due to one thing: using cheap labour in third world countries. At some point “globalization” is a curse, not a benefit. We need to stop transporting our high tech jobs off shore.

    1. Karl L says:

      I think that’s what Ivan said. Tech sector has been shipped over seas:

      “Manufacturing has long moved to emerging markets where costs of production are far below anything in N. America. That means the technology created here are sent overseas to be mass produced.”

      But technology and efficiency IS changing, requiring less people to do the same job as before. Prime example is the car industry.

      Anyone that says technology isn’t losing jobs hasn’t done their research. Look at US Postal service! Mail has dramatically declined with the Internet. Very simple

  4. John Beaudry says:

    Does the declining Canadian birth rate affect any of this?

    1. Karl L says:

      This is more about the US than Canada. I’d like to see some comparison for Canadians, but Ivan did say this is more the US than Canada.

  5. Richard says:

    Perhaps, at least as important is underemployment. What is the definition of employment that is used?

  6. chris arutunoff says:

    i’m impressed that your firm is educating folks that want to learn something. to me the employment problem is an easy fix. term limits for congress, drop corp. tax rate to 10% or less, start drilling on federal land and offshore, pass keystone pipeline oh, and drastically reduce the power of the epa. companies will start falling all over themselves to come back and do business in the usa.

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