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The Truth About the Currency Wars14 min read

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  1. Pierre says:

    I have a question what would happen if the US who purchases 25% of the worlds goods suddenly stopped purchasing China’s goods and started purchasing only from Canada and Mexico would the Chinese still have a strong Yen could the Russians step in and purchase as many goods from the Chinese to help them out ? if not then would the Chinese still need all that Gas and oil from Russia

  2. Bruce says:

    China has been going for the end game for a long time. They are very patient and are able to adapt to changing political and economic conditions. They are allowing a sort of perverted capitalism to forward their goals. Their appetite for expansion is awesome. As long as the US continues on its destructive spending the Chi Coms have a good chance of ultimate success. Gold is just one more brick they are using to build their Kingdom.

  3. Lee says:

    taking the highest fifty percent of the wolrds countries GDP and averaging it out to create a norm or curve and using this measurement of economics to stabilize all currencies.. Fluctuations allowed to plus or minus ten percent..
    No one economy should ever be allowed to control the manipulation of currency value.. The above will give more strength to smaller economies thus reducing the need for a US dollar only..


    Folks who are interested in the “currency war” aspects of the geo-political game might be interested in reading a book by James Rickards calleed “Currency Wars”. It covers many of the features mentioned in this article plus points out how sundry comparisons and ratios (GDP calculations , costs of living calculations , interest rate determinations etc) are manipulated to deceive the general public.

  5. james donegan says:

    I have no idea but what I would like to know is what YOU THINK

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