The Battle of the Bigs

As the battle between Google and Apple rages on, you can bet the end result will be plenty of new and engaging toys for us. Things are heating up and we`re looking forward to the new technoligies that will not only make our lives easier, but much more interesting.

This week, we’re changing gears.

Over the last year, we warned about the Crash of 2010. We warned about the Option ARMS mortgage crisis that is about to shock the housing market again. We said that precious metals would set new record prices.

And all of this is happening now. You’re probably all sick and tired of hearing about it.

So this week, we’re going to focus on the lighter side of the markets. The side that affects our everyday lives, without us even taking notice.

The new Internet revolution: Mobility.

The Internet has transformed us in ways we could have only imagined when we were kids. Everything that was once impossible, has now become possible. Everything that used to take years to accomplish, now takes only minutes.

From everyday banking, stock trades, television, politics, research, education, and just about everything, the Internet has taken us light years ahead. The Internet is reinventing the way we invent.

Smart companies are working together rather than against each other to exist in today’s competitive environment. They are collaborating on breakthrough scientific initiatives that accelerate discovery in their industries. These newly formed alliances will eventually displace the traditional corporate structures as the
economies’ primary engine of wealth creation.

The world is about to change. Its beginning with the battle between Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Google (NASDAQ: GOOG).

There’s no doubt that these two heavy hitters have been battling over market supremacy through different genres. Apple has it’s iTunes, iPhones, and MacBooks. Google has it’s Gmail, Chrome, Youtube, and its Ad network. But now things are shifting closer than ever before.

Google has a new Andriod – the new “open” smart phone that allows for limitless creations and capabilities.

With Android, Google seems to now have its focus on one thing: beating Apple. A few years back, no one thought this was possible. No one thought that the Android-based phones would be able to compete with the iPhones.

Boy, was everyone wrong.

Last year, Google was activating 30,000 Android phones a day. The past February, that number jumped to 60,000. Today, Google is now activating over 100,000 Android phones a day.

Android was the second best-selling smartphone this quarter – behind only RIM. And yes, believe it or not, both beat out Apple’s iPhone. Furthermore, Android now ranks first in total mobile web and app usage. �

Google also announced that there were now over 50,000 apps available for Android and over 180,000 developers are working on it. Imagine having 180,000 people working on applications for a device they didn’t create.

That’s the power of Android and Google’s open-source approach vs. Apple’s closed system. We have been a big supporter of open source for a long time (see Internet and Collaboration) and this new form of creation is going to lead to some incredible advances in how we live.

Imagine being to do everything with your smart phone.

Your phones are already built with everything from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and anything that transmits a signal. Soon, it will become your house keys, car keys, TV remote control, alarm system control, computer – everything. Soon, Google’s Android platform will allow you to access all of your downloaded music and videos through your phone from anywhere.

That’s right. Google showed off yet another new application and genre that they are sinking their teeth into – Music. Yes, it’s an iTunes competitor from Google. But completely mobile.

Imagine being able to buy any song you want instantly – like iTunes but without having to be home to sync it to your computer.

These Android’s will soon allow you to access everything you have on your home computer, directly on your phone. In fact, Google’s Android phones can already control your TV from wherever you are!

But that’s not all. While we are on the subject of TV’s, Google is about to change that too.

That’s right. Google invaded your computer. Now it’s about to invade your TV. It’s no longer just smart phones. Its smart TV’s.

This past week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt brought together a panel of powerful CEO`s to introduce the world`s next biggest tech thing: Google TV

Among this panel were the CEOs of Best Buy, Sony, Intel, Dish Network, Logitech, and Adobe – all of whom are now partnered in the launch of Google TV. Together, Google and these companies represent a market capitalization of over $350 billion.

By bringing these CEO`s to introduce Google TV, Google’s message was simple: Google is open, powerful and has an army of high-powered alliances. So for those who think that Google TV will fail, like the many who doubted the Android, think again.

You see, we`re picturing Google TV as Microsoft was when it first started competing with IBM with Windows. Except this time, Apple and its Apple TV would be IBM, and Google TV would be Microsoft.

Apple TV, for example, is a device like IBM’s personal computer. Whereas Google TV, is a platform, like Microsoft`s operating system Windows.

Thats means the ability for Google to expand and grow does not rely on how many products it sells, but how many products will use their system.

Despite many failed attempts by Microsoft and Apple to enter the Internet TV market, Google TV is different. Its open. Its not a dummied down version of the web. And you don’t have to choose between TV or Internet.

You can have both. This means that applications and new ideas from other providers can be easily integrated. It means that you don’t have to throw away your TV habits, to experience the benefits of Google TV. It means you can browse TV, just as easily as you can browse the web.

And from the demos we saw, it`s pretty darn impressive. It may take some time for consumers to welcome Google TV, but we’re confident that this is the way of the future.

So forget 3D TV and those annoying 3D glasses. The future is in interactive TV.

How cool will it be when you’re voting for American Idol with your remote control? How cool will it be when you’re casting off the last Survivor in real time on your TV?

As the battle between Google and Apple rages on, you can bet the end result will be plenty of new and engaging toys for us. Things are heating up and we`re looking forward to the new technoligies that will not only make our lives easier, but much more interesting.

“We discovered something really cool…it’s called the Internet.” – Vic Gundotra, President of Engineering at Google

Until next week,

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