How Robots Impact Millions of American Jobs

Blackrock’s Fundamental Fixed Income CEO Rick Reider discusses the impact of robots on jobs.

Breaking Down the Fed Taper: Why Now? Why So Small?

Watch this video as Credit Suisse Director of U.S. Rate Strategy Ira Jersey react to today’s Fed decision and breaks down the Fed Taper

How Russia Uses Energy to Gain Global Power

Energy has sparked wars and cost the lives of many all around the world. Without it societies would crumble. Every nation knows this. The countries that control energy will remain – or become – super powers. Read this Letter to see how one nation is becoming an energy powerhouse and using it to gain global power.

What Hedge Funds Want From Fannie and Freddie

What Wall Street investors like Bill Ackman, Bruce Berkowitz and John Paulson are looking for out of their very big bets on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–as the President and top Republicans are trying to figure out how to shut Fannie and Freddie down.

What Needs to Be Done About Entitlement Spending?

Joel Friedman, vice president for federal fiscal policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, discusses the impact of budget cuts on low-income families. He speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.”

Unemployment vs. Employment: What Really Matters

Is everything they tell you wrong? A true look at unemployment vs employment and what really matters: growing population and a declining workforce.

Roubini vs. El-Erian: How Bad Off Is the Economy?

Bloomberg Television’s “Lunch Money” Host Matt Miller reports on the global economy with interviews from both Nouriel Roubinin and Mohamed El-Erian. [youtube height=”326″ width=”580″][/youtube]

How Leveraged is the Stock Market?

How leveraged is the stock market? A look at the record margin debt level of the NYSE vs. the S&P and what America pays in interest on its loans.

Chinese Government Slowly Moving Out of Treasuries

In today’s “Single Best Chart,” Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu displays the slow move out of U.S. Treasuries by the Chinese government. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

How the Government Borrows Money

A look at how the government borrows money, how money works, how the biggest paper asset bubble is being created, and a simple explanation on gold price.

What the Shutdown Cost the Economy

Washington stepped back from the abyss this week and the U.S. didn’t face its first ever default…but the the man-made crisis still carries a cost to the economy and beyond. Here are the numbers on what the shutdown cost the economy

How Much Did the U.S. Government Shutdown Cost?

Michael McKee examines the economic cost of the U.S. government shutdown and tells you how much  the U.S. Government Shutdown Costs. [youtube height=”326″ width=”580″][/youtube]