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Pipeline Battles: The Fight for the South Stream Pipeline11 min read

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  1. andre says:

    Saddam was doing a good job. the us remouved him and mow there is a unmanagable situation for the us. they should have negociated with sadam instead of showing strong arm

  2. a.i says:

    1. High frequency trading should not be allowed. It makes money for the haves at the expense of havenots.
    2. yes currency should be backed by hard assets or its just worthless paper.
    3. U.S should NOT have attacked IRAQ. It went in for the wrong baseless reason. It left the region in a mess, displaced people and uncountable innocent people got killed while the world looked on. Saddam kept the country together. Now we witness wrong people wanting to take over the country paving way for more of the same atrocities. Sad indeed.

  3. a.i says:

    Is the Cold War warming up? Who is taking the lead to get the East and the West to compromise and make this world a better place. Watching it from side lines is not a solution. Getting parties at the table may be a better choice.

  4. noIMspartacus says:

    I’ve generally enjoyed some of you information but you are getting silly lately. Russia is the problem? really?!?! cheezus! what a load of contradicting waffle… although you can’t help skirting often with the truth and hideous, blood soaked hypocrisy of the “west£… best make that the desperate jewboy/anglo/american mafia and neo-con NATO warmongers whose REAL economies are so fracked up their criminal insanity is going off the charts….

  5. rhe world would be in a lot better position if the u.s. would just stay out of other nations politics. it is all about the money and this means oil and gas. that is why the u.s. keeps interfering with other nations in the name of “liberation” things may change now that that Russia and china have formed an alliance and the u.s. sees that they cannot enforce their ideals over a lot of countries any more. it has always been noted that the middle east cannot get along with each other. stay out of their affairs and hopefully in the near future, they will destroy each other and then, if possible the u.s. can move in and pick up the pieces. unfortunately, most of the wars, etc. are instigated there by the u.s.(like Vietnam et. al.)

  6. William Kandravi says:

    The sound of the Southern pipeline really has big $ signs especially for the construction and to maintain. With in that lies the endless $ for those that create there endless stream of fix destroy and fix. To believe that there would not be an endless cycle of pipeline breaches is like believing that OBAMA STOPPED THE MURDERS IN CHICAGO AND HAS ISIS UNDER CONTROL. REALITY IS STOP THE TERROR OR IT WILL BE AN ENDLESS DESTRUCTION OF EVERYTHING THAT HAS VALUE THAT IS BUILT!

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