The Coming Shockwave

In this week’s Letter, Ivan Lo talks about the coming shockwave from Japan’s actions, the intensifying currency war, Venezuela’s major devaluation of currency, the CME margin reductions, and the outlook for gold and silver.

The Canadian Awakening: TSX vs S&P

This week, Ivan Lo talks about the effects of Quantitative Easing, if QE is working, the new wave of millionaires, how the Fed works, and what to expect from the Canadian markets.

A Nuclear Threat

In this week’s letter, Ivan Lo talks about the nuclear threats made by North Korea, how the market continues to climb, another look at gold, and gives up update on Corvus Gold.

Prepare for a Crisis: Germany Gold Repatriation

In this week’s Letter, Ivan Lo goes over the repatriation of gold by Germany, the impact of the currency war, what Russia has boldly announced on the world stage, gold and silver, and gives an outlook on uranium and oil.

The Dramatic Drop and Quantitative Easing 4

This week, Ivan Lo talks about QE4, why inflation hasn’t hit us the way it should have, the effects of money velocity, and gives an update on new coverage from RBC Capital Markets and Dundee Securities for Timmins Gold.

The Rarest Real Estate: Gold Deposits

This week, Ivan Lo gives you insight on the supply and demand fundamentals of gold and money, gives you insight on the gold mines around the world, and gives you an update on Corvus Gold’s recently released PEA.

A Shocking Trend: Buying Guns

This week, Ivan Lo goes over this week’s market activity, shows you a shocking chart, and gives you an update on Corvus Gold.

When to Sell Gold

This week, Ivan Lo talks about when to sell gold, where and how to invest, and gives a teaser on his next featured company report.

Another Record High: How Job Numbers are Derived

A look at how Job Numbers are Derived, the race to debase, America’s QE weapon, Canadian inflationary pressures, gold outlook, and Obama’s reelection.

Watch the Throne: Who Controls the Money

A report on the value of the dollar, who controls the money, the currency war, the QE weapon at work, gold seasonality, predicting Obama’s reelection.

The Brink of War – Why You Should Be Scared

I am about to share with you a timeline of events that will not only shock you, but give you a whole new perspective of the world’s financial system and why its putting us on the brink of war.

The Assassination: The Effects of US Money Printing on World Currencies

A report on the massive initiation of money printing by the world, how the US is devaluing its currency and how it stacks against the Canadian, Aussie, and Yuan.