It finally happened. Through months of struggle, silver has finally managed to crack the $20/oz mark.

It's been a very short summer. And in a few short weeks, the rest and quiet will all be over. But it hasn't been quiet for everyone. A company in our most recent Special Edition Report has hit yet another 52-week high. More on this story.

Many silver stocks have increased dramatically since the beginning of this year. As a matter of fact, one company featured in our past Special Report Edition increased almost 100% in just two short months. However, despite a strong run, many silver stocks have recently experienced a strong sell off. With the exception of one...

While the price of silver has recently been impacted by a battered global economy through industrial and fabrication demand, the increase in silver investment demand is expected to continue. Remember, short term thinking in this market will only frustrate investors - trying to predict daily world events is no way to invest in this type of market.

Nothing demonstrates the mood swings of today's markets better than the price of silver. Call it silver's split personality: It's both a precious metal investors turn to for safety and an industrial metal that gets dragged down on signs of economic weakness.

Every junior miner strives to become a producer, or to be bought out.<br /> <br /> Both of these paths take a lot of financing and dilution before the end goal. It takes much more than just some drill holes to succeed.<br /> <br /> The hard truth is, mining exploration and development is a negative cash flow business.<br /> <br /> Juniors need to continually raise money for the many processes involved in bringing a mine to life. They need to drill enough holes to gain enough interest from the majors for a buyout. This ultimately leads to further dilution.<br /> <br /> Many will fail.<br /> <br /> But what if there is a junior that is cash flow positive before production?

This past week, we spent our days reviewing, speaking to, and meeting with the management teams of a number of silver juniors. Although many had great stories to tell, there were a certain few that immediately caught our attention and made us think twice before we pulled the trigger on our next featured silver company...

With billion dollar Ponzi schemes and market manipulation plaguing our markets, it is becoming much harder to understand where the markets are heading. Here is the latest on the silver conspiracy.