Conflicts of Interest

It’s funny how the stock market works. It seems every week we have the fight of intraday bulls against the weekend selloff bears.

While scratched and bruised, neither of the beasts are winning.

As bright as the markets may look at times, there’s still a lot of economic issues that have yet to be fixed. From foreclosure troubles to unemployment, the markets remain shaky for all of the right reasons.

But have no fear…

Are the Banks Against You?

Ever since we published the story “The Silver Conspiracy,” more evidence of commodities manipulation have been revealed.

Last we, we talked about the latest scandal and conspiracy of the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) judges. Since our last newsletter (see Enron Lives On?), it seems every journalist and newsletter is now uncovering the story on commodities price manipulation. And with good reason…

The Market Crushers: Silver Juniors

Over the past year, we have introduced three different silver juniors – each one making substantial gains this year.
Each company has single-handedly beat both the stock market and the gains made by both gold and silver. Here`s a quick review.

The Breakout

It finally happened. Through months of struggle, silver has finally managed to crack the $20/oz mark.

In past newsletters, we touched on the positive signs of why silver, along with gold, should outperform and continue to see new highs. After months of what many believed to be market manipulation (see the Silver Conspiracy), silver finally took the edge and surpassed the $20 barrier.

Although a…

Special Report Edition – Critical Milestone

For many of you, this may sound like déjà vu. That’s because United Mining Group (TSX: UMG) was featured in a previous report back in May 2010. However, at that time, they were trading on the CNSX, an exchange with much less liquidity than the senior Canadian exchanges…

But that has changed…

It’s Almost Over

It’s been a very short summer. And in a few short weeks, the rest and quiet will all be over. But it hasn’t been quiet for everyone. A company in our most recent Special Edition Report has hit yet another 52-week high. More on this story later.

Is everyone ready to get back into the market?

Right now there are many funds and investors still sitting on the sidelines. Some of them are sipping margaritas below the border, while others are busy dancing at their best friend’s wedding. Some of them are just plain cautious and doing nothing…

The Retail Advantage

Summer is here. The markets are still undecided on whether to climb, fall, or sit still. So while the market takes its vacation, both gold and silver haven’t taken a break. Gold is now on a nine-week win streak and silver is up over $19.

If prices continue to hold at these levels for another year, many of us who are invested in precious metals miners and explorers may finally reap the rewards we were looking for.

The Brink of Milestone

Many silver stocks have increased dramatically since the beginning of this year. As a matter of fact, one company featured in our past Special Report Edition increased almost 100% in just two short months. However, despite a strong run, many silver stocks have recently experienced a strong sell off.

With the exception of one…

The One Exception

There’s so much talk about gold these days. It’s a great place to be – especially in an economy where money grows on trees and is harvested recklessly by the governments.

In the last edition of Equedia Weekly, we talked about how the US government printed and borrowed another trillion dollars in less than six months right under our noses (see The Human Metal). As the economy slowly moves towards further recovery, you can bet this number will climb – and along with it, gold…

The Human Metal

Emotions play a very important role in our lives. Being human, it is the one thing that separates us from machine.

Machines capable of true emotions is the stuff of fantasy. For years, man has tried to create machines with artificial intelligence capable of exhibiting real human emotions.

None have succeeded.

But so much of our lives are run by machines created without emotion. This was clearly evident when the Dow dropped close to 1000 points in less than a few minutes, spurred by a chain reaction of computer glitches and human emotional events.

So while there is no such robot that can exhibit real emotions, there is a metal that can. We call it the human metal.

Special Report Edition – The Secret Battle

Every junior miner strives to become a producer, or to be bought out.

Both of these paths take a lot of financing and dilution before the end goal. It takes much more than just some drill holes to succeed.

The hard truth is, mining exploration and development is a negative cash flow business.

Juniors need to continually raise money for the many processes involved in bringing a mine to life. They need to drill enough holes to gain enough interest from the majors for a buyout. This ultimately leads to further dilution.

Many will fail.

But what if there is a junior that is cash flow positive before production?

The Tip of the Iceberg

This past week, we spent our days reviewing, speaking to, and meeting with the management teams of a number of silver juniors.

Although many had great stories to tell, there were a certain few that immediately caught our attention and made us think twice before we pulled the trigger on our next featured silver company…