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Limitless Energy? The Next Hot Energy Market9 min read

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  1. Rob says:


  2. Gerald Antoniak says:

    I would not invest in UGE for the following reasons. Price to Sales 3x with annual income $26Million last 5 years.
    Zero cash on hand. Operating Cash Flow +16 million less stock sales -$11 million leaves a deficit of $5 million
    over the past 5 years. Accumulated Loss of ($2.96) per share over the past 5 years suggests there is not an
    investible investment at this time.
    Carries $14 million in Debt against (-3million$) shareholders equity and $12 million in assets.
    I believe this company will not make it.

  3. Rob says:

    Well, so far you pretty much nailed it! Thanks, and good on you for calling out those issues when you did. Still watching with amusement. 🙂

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