What Just Happened to My Weed Stocks?7 min read

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  1. Cressco says:

    Hypothetically speaking lets not include recreational impact.
    Out of 11600 Kg annual capacity that Emblem will have starting September, how much will they be able to sell through their own patient affiliated system/online distribution hub?
    The demand will be their there based on math alone. 130k medical patients now licensed to consume 2.2 grams per day and this number is only growing, (32k more then in September last year)
    I guess where im going with this is that only a part of their production will be subjected to these shared costs once rec is in, or am i getting something wrong here?

    1. Cressco says:

      Sorry I meant to post this on the COGS article.

  2. Cressco says:

    Care to reply??????????????

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