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Interprovincial Trade Barriers: Canada Braces for a Fight Over ‘Free Trade’ Between Provinces5 min read

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  1. Rob says:

    It sounds Very fair to tear down the barriers and allow interprovincial free trade, but it’s not that simple.
    Where it applies to people, i.e. Tradespeople, doctors and labour, freedom should surely be part of a constitutional right, when qualified people meet national and provincial skill standards. But goods, often dangerous goods, drugs or foods need to be reviewed for more that just costs.
    Each province has something to protect that is unique to their economy, environment or heritage.
    BC’s coastline, fisheries and indigenous lands come to mind. Alberta beef, oil and Tourism… etc
    Trade issues between provinces may need be a provincial not federal responsibility. With the constitutional rights of people being the only federal oversight.
    It’s nice to be able to bring beer across the provincial border, but quite another to ship guns, gas, oil, meat and produce.

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