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How to Invest in the Coronavirus Pandemic: Should You Buy or Sell Stocks Now?6 min read

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  1. Jean R says:

    Your analysis seem very plausible. I work for a well known gold producer and i have not seen a share price at this level. Like you, i feel that the panic will calme down as fast as it started and our stock price will gain 50% in a very short period of time. That is my guess anyway.

    Nice article again

  2. Dave Braatz says:

    IMPORTANT New Corona Study. Please READ !

    Wolff, Greg G. Influenza Vaccination and Respiratory Virus Interference Among DOD Personnel. Vaccine 38 (2020) 350-354.

    They downplayed the Corona results in their discussion because Corona and one other virus were the only ones with a negative response; their “conclusions” fell on the side of the “majority” of viruses. I’m sure their discussion would have been much different if the study was published today, rather than a month before Corona became a global concern. Their results clearly show that the flu vaccine increases susceptibility to Corona by ~ 35%.

    I think this is very important because even State health agencies, Dr Oz, and the (Fake) New York Times are saying to get a flu shot to help with Corona; that is total bullshit, and not supported scientifically! Most people are still being encouraged to get a flu shot; they should not! Since our military personnel are compelled to get flu shots, it will be interesting to see if they are hit harder than an un-vaccinated population.

    Feel free to print this, forward it, post it, etc – as you see fit.

  3. Margaret says:

    Insightful and informative article.

  4. sensrbtch says:

    covid-19 is terrible: but brings back jobs to the USA! it reboots realty,lowers gas prices,brings families together. Teaches WE,not [me] will close the borders. Common sense is a survival skill, forces individual responsibility,stops globalism,flushes political korrectness. brings back prayer,wages go up,opens USA factories,destroys the new world order. this event will reelect Donald trump,gives him more authority. gives George soros a yellow shower,while the liberal cure is toilet paper,if you can find any?!

  5. Don Nixon says:

    I would like to subcribe to your newsletter

  6. Don Nixon says:

    I do not agree in any way that the USA was responsible fore the outbreak of COVID-19.

    It is one of the many diseases carried by Flying foxes, similar to our own Hendra Virus that killed many horses and some people in Australia.

    I think it is both offensive grossly inaccurate to suggest the USA had anything to do with it when even the Chinese said it originated in an illegal market selling all sorts of animals, some really weird, for human consumption, including dogs and bats.

    Please don’t play politics. Stiock tgo the facts and preferably the share market.

    Don Nixon

  7. E. Wagner says:

    I’m a regular reader of your letters. I’ve learned a lot from them. But I expected better from you then spreading rumors and “fake news”.

  8. Equedia says:

    Thanks Don. But perhaps you misinterpreted the satire nature of the statement: “Which is why I could tell you…”

    More importantly, “And while I believe that COVID-19 is this decade’s most powerful economic warfare weapon, it really doesn’t matter – it’s all hearsay.

    What’s important is how we should invest at this point…”

    What I was saying is that no matter what the rumour is or how the virus came about – be it from a lab or an animal – it’s out of our hands and darn near impossible to prove. We should focus on the facts.

  9. Equedia says:

    Hi E. Wagner, please see my response to Don Nixon.

  10. Sarah says:

    Someone asked about Hong Kong resistant to get infected…. The months long riots, with fire throwers, water dispersal, tear gas and etc could have burnt, drowned and choked the virus off their lives. Therefore, i would invest in flame thrower………

  11. Covid 19 is God-given. It occurs when humans try to break the law of karma that prohibits the eating of poisonous animals and insects. When people also forget to keep clean or no longer care about the touch of dirty things, everyone has to bear the consequences.
      If we break the karmic investment of stocks, then we will fall, too.

  12. James says:

    Insightful. I agree that summer months will see a market rebound. However, the magnitude of the economic decline of businesses closing will have a compounding effect which could take quite a while to recoup. Either way- I feel it’s time to start buying in. Maybe a bit early, but I’ll “cost dollar average” this recession all the way down. When there’s “blood in the streets…”

  13. Loy says:

    I like this analysis in the middle of the panic.

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