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How K92 Mining May Become One of the Lowest Cost Gold Producers10 min read

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  1. Rick Ullman says:

    I appreciate the content of the report but it would have been nice if you would have addressed the issue of possible share dilution as the company moves forward. In addition, what percentage of those 100 million + shares are tightly held by ownership?

    1. Tyler says:

      Whats your experience with this newletter? I”m beginning to lean towards it being a paid for pump and dump service. But maybe thats just me? The content always seems great but i think the bias is fairly obvious? I mean why suggest people invest in small cap gold stocks when the large, safe and reputable large caps are also similiarly low levels. Seems to me they have a similiar upside without as much of the downside risk.

  2. Tyler says:

    Wondering what your thoughts are now on this stock? been a little over a month and the stock has “shit the bed” as they say.

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