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How CRISPR Will Change the World16 min read

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  1. Owen Dell says:

    Holding stocks for a long time can be VERY DANGEROUS. Ask those who held grimly to ENRON. The same applies to GE and IBM.

    I am not convinced that holding shares for a long time is a necessary ingredient for making money on Wall Street.

    Instead, I look for dividend-paying companies which have ZERO or a small long-term debt. So far, it has worked out fine.

    Try it sometime.

    1. Shawn R says:

      The point you are missing by choosing a few troubled stocks as examples is the power of diversification. I can easily argue your point with examples such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Nvidia!

  2. Gord P says:

    Good report, funny you mentioned Warren B’s annual letter, because as you mentioned you feel Warren may be waiting for the market to come to him, great point — I’ve been reading these letters just a few years but this letter really didn’t strike me as being really positive, its tone was more subdued. Would like to hear what other readers thought, or is it just me?? Warren is sending us a message, ” be careful with your investments”, IMO

    Thanks for sending this letter out, always enjoy reading it and getting your views on different topics.

    Gord P

    1. Peter says:

      Wonder if NXO is still included in his list of companies to own?

  3. Bearz says:

    Everything and everybody will be affected by AI automation and other associated automatons. working will become just another hobby as everything will become self serve… while the rich get richer the divide between the haves and have nots get deeper… times are a changing and with change comes chaos war and death…. imho, its almost time to invest in the military industrial complex…

  4. John Meale says:

    I don’t agree, but then I often don’t agree with the common wisdom.
    Despite being no longer able to access my own CBC network over my OTA antenna I fiddle with my rotor and hope for good weather to access all I can of the olympics. For the most part olympic athletes are far superior to the over-hyped, over paid professionals.

  5. Diane Boisjoli says:

    Read your history books, We are on the verge of extinction. I do not believe that technology is going to replace the disappearing insects, the disappearing wildlife, the disappearing forests, and the undrinkable water. We have all we need to create a better world but we are too profit driven, too egotistical to pay attention to the many messages that we must change our ways dramatically now

  6. David Martel says:

    It will be interesting to see which direction the CASPER gene editing will take our society. There could be a lot of practical uses for it which the article mentioned like making pets smaller or changing our looks but there is also the ways it can help medically. A lot of diseases will be able to be cured and prevented when we manage to make this technology work on humans.

    For the investing advice, I would say that not focusing day to day changes is great as long as the market you are investing in isn’t volatile. The stock market is usually gradual with it’s increases/decreases for stock prices so it’s better to keep track of them on a weekly or biweekly basis.

  7. anonymous says:

    I would say a large part of the viewers during the 2018 Olympics are sleeping or at work during the events. South Korea isn’t in an ideal time zone for westeners to be able to catch the Olympic events. Personally or CBC over-the-air was my way of watching the Olympics, and I tried to watch as much as possible.

  8. Manuel says:

    Pro genetic engineering Technology!
    Id like to see artificially grown Organs, like Muscle, so i can eat cheap Meat – without that 1 Animal has to die.
    I like to see healthy Humans with long LifeSpan and long Youth – maybe improved Humans with NightVision and Power to lift 1 Car with your Arm, powerful like Ants.

  9. BMK says:

    I registered for this research recently, and thanks Ivan for bringing good articles and investment ideas to your subscribers. I was reading through your article, but didn’t see any mention of companies who are in this field, actually there are 3 companies that I follow who are in this field, but didn’t see any mention of them in your article.

  10. CRISPR-Cas9 is a game-changing technology. It has allowed us to do things that will continue to have a major impact on the future of science.

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