Spot Uranium Price Versus Long Term Uranium Price

Spot Uranium Price Versus Long Term Uranium Price* Uranium prices differ dramatically from other commodities and resources such as oil and gas. While many often reference the spot price of uranium, the long-term price is what really counts. That’s because…

An Explosive Opportunity in Uranium and Uranerz Energy Corporation

An in depth-look on what is uranium, how it compares to other energy sources, the coming uranium boom, and a detailed look at Uranerz Energy Corporation

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

A detailed video explanation look at what happened at the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in Japan on March 11, 2011

Is Fear of Nuclear Power Overblown?

Filmmaker Robert Stone discusses the safety of nuclear energy and use as an alternative to fossil fuels. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Uranium Rebound Seen From Seven-Year Low on Japan

Uranium is set to rebound from its worst slump in seven years as Japan, once the world’s third- biggest nuclear-power producer, starts reactors after safety requirements are put into effect next month. Julie Hyman reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”

Pandora’s Promise – Official Trailer

PANDORA’S PROMISE, the groundbreaking new film by Academy-Award®-nominated director Robert Stone. The atomic bomb and meltdowns like Fukushima have made nuclear power synonymous with global disaster. But what if we’ve got nuclear power wrong?

Extremely Discounted Assets and Mass Theory

In this week’s Letter, Ivan Lo talks about his Mass Theory, the growing speeds of communication, uranium outlook, the copper and S&P correlation, the unloved mining sector, North Korea’s latest threats to the U.S., and the outlook for March.

A Nuclear Threat

In this week’s letter, Ivan Lo talks about the nuclear threats made by North Korea, how the market continues to climb, another look at gold, and gives up update on Corvus Gold.

Prepare for a Crisis: Germany Gold Repatriation

In this week’s Letter, Ivan Lo goes over the repatriation of gold by Germany, the impact of the currency war, what Russia has boldly announced on the world stage, gold and silver, and gives an outlook on uranium and oil.

Debate: The Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power: the energy crisis has even die-hard environmentalists reconsidering it. Does the world need nuclear energy? In this first-ever TED debate, Stewart Brand and Mark Z. Jacobson square off over the pros and cons. A discussion that’ll make you think — and might even change your mind.