Commodities and Resource

The Future Ahead

Over the past year, we have introduced our readers to a number of junior resource companies. From drill shot potential plays capable of multi baggers to world-renowned management teams, our featured companies all have their unique situation stories worthy of our portfolio.
While not every company featured has been successful, the majority of them have given their shareholders a substantial return …

Doubling Down for the Big Bang

The mid-term elections are over. As predicted, the Republicans took over the House. It’s no surprise that the markets are rallying stronger than they have ever been in the last two years.

Job numbers in the US are looking better and supports that a double dip is no longer in the picture. The Bush tax cuts are going to be extended. And the Bernanke crew is about to pump another trillion doll…

The Next Big Boom

Last week, we mentioned that despite poor economic conditions and reports, the Dollar will sink and both precious metals and stocks will climb (see Two Birds, One Stone – The American Secret.)

This past week, all of those events came true.

But will this rally continue? More importantly, will gold and silver’s performance continue to beat the market?…

Two Birds, One Stone – The American Secret

The money is starting to pour in.
Hedge funds and institutions that once sat on the sidelines are beginning to show their strength. That’s why this past Friday, the markets roared.
Not only did new economic data show that demand for American equipment is improving, two powerful hedge fund managers came out with overly optimistic comments on equities……

The Double Take

No one is sure where our market is going. Not even Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.
This Friday, Bernanke gave a small boost to the market by vowing to do whatever it takes to revive the shaky economy. He reassured Wall Street that the central bank will act if “unexpected developments” cause the recovery to falter. This brought the Dow back above 10,000.
Although the markets too…

We All Need to Eat

Everyone needs to eat. So while the light continues to shine on oil and gold, this past week gave centre stage to food.
In past issues of Equedia Weekly, we said this year would be the year for takeovers and mergers. The year is far from over and already we have seen some incredible takeover bids and battles. Just this past week, we witnessed yet another billion dollar deal: the recent takeover of…