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How the Commodities Market is Manipulated

How the Commodities Market is Manipulated: A look at how Goldman Sachs and other big banks manipulate the commodities market, with a focus on aluminum.

The Monarchs of Money: Central Bank Control

In this week’s letter, Ivan Lo talks about the recent market events, global yield levels, NYSE margin debt levels, what to expect in May trading, how gold physical is up while paper prices are down, how gold is now being considered for legal tender in yet another state, and why he believes certain silver companies are due for a run. Featured Video: The world’s central banks have printed unimaginable amounts of money in recent years. Neil Macdonald explores what this means for the global economy and for your financial well-being.

Gold Manipulation Gone Bad

In this week’s letter, Ivan Lo talks about the all-out attack on gold, global stocks and why you need to be weary, the gold and silver buying frenzy, the world’s declining gold supply, and themajor changes taking place at Equedia.com.

A Staggering Bank Outflow of Gold

In this week’s Letter, Ivan Lo talks about gold’s dramatic drop, the rumours surrounding gold’s decline, world gold demand, the lack of silver supply, a shocking fact about a big bank, gold price expectations, and gives a bitcoin update.

The Floodgates Have Opened: Central Banks Collaborate on Record Printing

In this week’s Letter, Ivan Lo talks about the world’s four biggest developed-market monetary authorities collaborating on the world’s biggest monetary injection, how to play Japan, America’s declining labour participation force, how gold is slipping through Italy’s borders, and what’s happening in North Korea.

The New Currency Movement

In this week’s Letter, Ivan Lo simplifies the Cyprus crisis, talks about the greatest economic experiment in our modern era, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, and talks about other countries and states joining the gold repatriation movement.

The Story of the Year: Haruhiko Kuroda

In this week’s Letter, Ivan Lo talks about the story and theme for this year, Japan’s new central bank govenor he calls Ben Bernanke II, Japanese stocks and risks of the Nikkei, how Japan’s massive asset purchases will affect us and what to do, the intensifying currency war, and how gold is manipulated on the paper markets.

A Scary Prediction and Canadian Price Inflation

In this week’s Letter, Ivan Lo talks about the Dow’s new record, his inflation theory, rising prices in Canada over the last four years, the velocity of money, Japan’s Nikkei, the Currency War update, North Korea’s threats, guns in school, silver investment demand, and his thoughts on PDAC 2013.

Extremely Discounted Assets and Mass Theory

In this week’s Letter, Ivan Lo talks about his Mass Theory, the growing speeds of communication, uranium outlook, the copper and S&P correlation, the unloved mining sector, North Korea’s latest threats to the U.S., and the outlook for March.

An Absolute Disaster

In this week’s letter, Ivan Lo talks about the recent crash in gold and related stocks, the continued currency war, the real economic outlook, and what he is gearing up to do with his money.

The Coming Shockwave

In this week’s Letter, Ivan Lo talks about the coming shockwave from Japan’s actions, the intensifying currency war, Venezuela’s major devaluation of currency, the CME margin reductions, and the outlook for gold and silver.

The Canadian Awakening: TSX vs S&P

This week, Ivan Lo talks about the effects of Quantitative Easing, if QE is working, the new wave of millionaires, how the Fed works, and what to expect from the Canadian markets.