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Zacks’ Kevin Cook: Gaps, Dojis, & Low Volume, SPY Rally Looks Fragile

Watch the video as Zacks’ Kevin Cook shows you four charts in four minutes and gives you a look at the broader market from a technical perspective, including the price action of the market. More choppiness ahead, but current strength bodes well for 2nd half new highs.

Chart Bill Gross Doesn’t Want You to See: Monthly Mutual Fund Outflows

On today’s “Chart Attack, Fusion IQ CEO Barry Ritholtz and Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson look at monthly mutual fund outflows.

How Interest Rates Affect Bank Stocks

On today’s “Insight & Action,” Adam Johnson looks at how interest rates affect bank stocks, borrowing, and REITS on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

The Truth About the Canadian Housing Market

An in-depth look at the Canadian housing market including Canadian real estate outlook, affordability issues, trends, and the affect of interest rates. Also we take a brief look at the current US bull market in relation to past bull markets.

Introducing the World’s First Bitcoin ATM

Bloomberg News spoke with Zach Harvey, one of the founders of Lamassu, who are making ATMs for people to buy Bitcoins. He tells us how it works and why he thinks they’ll catch on.

Massive Bond Outflow

Investors who poured $1.26 trillion into bond funds in the past six years pulled out record amounts of cash last month, leaving the world’s biggest fixed-income managers struggling to stem the flow. Bloomberg’s Mary Childs reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF: Dumb Money or Good Idea?

The details on the Bitcoin ETF to be offered by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss to track the performance of the average price of Bitcoins

Second-Quarter Gold Meltdown Lifts Jewelry Sales

The gold meltdown in the Q2 provided a boon to jewelers as consumers took advantage of lower costs, coupled with an improving economy, to purchase jewelry.

Aequitas Innovations and the Mother of All Bubbles

Ivan Lo on Aequitas Innovations, Canada’s newest proposed stock exchange that’s about to challenge the TSX and TSX Venture, and the mother of all bubbles.

Vatican Officials Arrested in Bank Probe

Vatican Officials Arrested: Senior Vatican prelate, an agent of the Italian secret service and a financial broker were arrested today as part of a corruption investigation in a wider probe of Vatican bank transactions.

Renters vs. Homeowners in the United States

Renters vs. Homeowners in the United States: Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu looks at the surge in Americans choosing to rent instead of owning a home.

Is the U.S. Facing the Mother of All Bubbles?

The mother of all bubbles? In today’s “Single Best Chart,” Scarlet Fu displays the gap between GDP and the Fed fund rate that suggests a coming bubble.