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The Real Reason for War in Syria: Pipeline Control

A look at the real reasons behind the war in Syria and a look at the timeline of events that shows how fragile the global political system is.

Can Attacks on Syria Start a Cyberwar?

The Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Twitter account of AP before. But could they expand their hacking attacks if the U.S. conducts strikes against Syria? Moreover, are they a sophisticated group that can unleash something much more devastating? You be the judge.

Just How Bad Is the European Recession?

Just How Bad Is the European Recession? Bianco Research President Jim Bianco discusses the European recession with Trish Regan on Bloomberg

Syria Really Is About Oil

Syrian debate really is one about protecting oil interests in the region, Peritus’ Tim Gramatovich tells TheStreet’s Joe Deaux.

Obama on Russia’s Relations with Assad

President Barack Obama answers Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev’s questions about Syria at a press conference in Sweden.

Obama on Syria: I Didn’t Set a Red Line

President Barack Obama answers questions on Syria at a news conference in Sweden.

The Syrian War: What You’re Not Being Told

A one-sided look at the propaganda and conspiracy about Syria and America’s actions on the nation. Watch the video, do your research, and form your own opinion – but don’t do so unless you have seen both sides of the story.

S&P Path of Least Resistance = Lower

Why Zacks Investment’s Kevin Cook says his probability of testing the June lows at 1560 has increased to 35%.

The Truth Behind the NASDAQ Glitch and the Gold Market

A look at what might have caused the NASDAQ Glitch, which halted trading for 3 hours and a look at why one major U.S. bank is transferring gold from other banks.

Average Hourly Wages vs. Inflation

Average Hourly Wages vs. Inflation: Bloomberg’s Alix Steel displays how hourly wages at Wal-Mart and Target have not kept up with the pace of inflation.

Computer Glitch Halts NASDAQ Options Trading

Computer Glitch Halts NASDAQ Options Trading: Yet another look at how dangerous and fragile the stock market really is.

Goldman Glitch Trading Error Could Cost $100M

Bloomberg “Market Makers” anchor Erik Schatzker digs deeper into the options malfunction at Goldman Sachs Group that could bring a loss of $100 million to the firm and relates it to some of the most recent trading errors in the industry.