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This is Where Gold is Really Going10 min read

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  1. Roberto J. Navarrete says:

    Dear Mr. Lo,
    Thank you much for your insights. With all due respect allow me to state that you are very knowledgeable, smart, wise, sarcastic, and your “specialized literary” demeanor cracks me up. You are funny alright. Too bad that I am a broke and humble layman on the above topics of such essential importance. I learn a lot reading your great lines. All I have invested in the stock market is a handful of diversified shares that in theory amount to a “cash” value (as of 07/03/2014) of $32,000.00 U.S. Cy. I sincerely have no clue as to what to do with “my assets”.
    Anyway, the purpose of this note is just to congratulate and thank you for your refreshing style and guidance.

    Sincerely and respectfully yours,
    Roberto J. Navarrete

  2. Goldeye says:

    Good, insightful and thorough write-up, Ivan. Thanks for sharing it. Interestingly, we now have a golden cross on the gdxj. Indeed, very good short-turn up moves to come.

  3. Bill says:

    What is the news that China bought the USA Gold Vault next to the US Treasury in New York City,was that true and if so was that just a real estate transaction, or was there Gold involved in that as well hearing that China bought the old Rockefeller Building with 90% of the building pre sold to Chinese/Hung Kong residents and where turning this Landmark and remodeling it all to Condo’s. Is there truth to this as it would be like a gift us giving them a present from the interest on the man with the PEN AND PHONE + THEY BOUGHT WHO KNOWS ALL THE DIFFERENT RESOURCES IN CANADA OUR GREAT NEIGHBOR GETS THROWN UNDER THE BUS, DO WE KNOW IF ALL THIS IS TRUE? Thank You!

  4. Franco Pecora says:

    Thank you four letter, All this means is that physical gold is going to be a lot valuable in the future, and those who have along gold don’t know how to make money from it.

  5. Bob Drummond says:

    Looks like a P. T. Barnum moment, “There’s a sucker borne every minute”, the hand is quicker than the eye.

    If the US can’t or won’t return the gold it holds already, what do these clowns think is going to happen at the end of the agreement.

  6. lee says:

    Leveraging of assets that is not yours is illegal. Where is the NATO International Law agency. Bottom line is the bloodline feud will continue as they think that they are above the law. Gold could possibly be the replacement of the US dollar as other countries have waken up to the fact of having their own monopoly currency to phase out US influence and FED.
    Right now we are seeing the accumulation of gold by the US. They will correct this move up to be able to attain more gold in ex-change for paper currency. Never fails their habits are written in stone.
    Metals season is between January and May..
    Follow the chart and smart money and play safe (stoploss).
    Why Germany and others send their gold to US is false information. ASk yourself why would you send your asset overseas for others to use to rehypoticate, why not do it yourself.
    These bloodlines keep on confusing the public for that is their way form antiquity.
    Read between the lines and ask your conciousness super-intellengence for the answers.
    this intelligence lays on your Aura field.

  7. Bill says:

    Thank you for responding, we have been hearing that get some of your savings in various investments in different countries, so the US Govt. could not touch or take, My wife has a 401 where she works where they match up to 6%, she has only been there 3 years and has accumulated a nice small sum around $8,500.00 is there a way to get that into precious metals and keep the 401 going she expects to stay there for another 10 years , she will be 65 then, but all we have been hearing is to get some of this into another country, is there a way to make all the peaces fit in this puzzle so she keeps getting matched and gets some safely into like Canada Gold and Silver. Or is the safest way to keep it like it is, and hope the USA does not have a crash in the markets. Like the CEF or the Gold Trust Funds where the us Govt. can’t confiscate it. Just want her to have the safest best way for her being that

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