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We’re Back: How to Invest in 201729 min read

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  1. Luciano says:

    Not being financially or investment savvy, I see your writings as a way to learn. And that I have. In my younger investment years, investors came and went. They all spoke of the hard work they apply to managing my money. Their
    ” sweat ” usually managed more losses then gains.

    I do not recall how I came across your website nor even how long I have been receiving your letter, but I have come to look forward to it and miss it when it’s not there.

    You do the leg work on stocks. Your writings are logical. While no one can predict the future, seems your occasional glance backwards guides you ( and us readers ) pretty accurately forward.

    No other comments, then keep up the excellent work you do.


  2. Ronald Schumacher says:

    Another thought provoking article. In response to your first question, no, I did not believe your intro as I have read Sum of All Fears several times and I recognized the plot line. You certainly did raise a valid point that addressed how people today get their news and sadly, how they base their life decisions. Despite having the largest per capita expenditure for education, the US system ranks far below most other developed countries. People prefer the fast food/drive up method of receiving the news, also know as social media. A side benefit is that is is much easier to go with the flow of the crowd you follow than it is to gather the data and to draw your own conclusions. It also much easier to manipulate people, should that be your purpose,

    One personal though I wish to express deals with the repeated use of the term “populist” to describe, and quite often disparage, citizen voters who have become fed up with their elected representatives. The United States is not a democracy, rather it is a republic. The people vote and choose people to “represent” them in government. I believe what you saw in the UK, in the last U.S. Election, and what is developing in a number of European countries are people expressing their deep displeasure with their representatives, especially those who have chosen to represent special interests and themselves at the expense of the people. The United States has become a country of the special interests, by the special interests and for the special interests. While much easier to label the people as populists, it is a bit more complicated.

    Anyway, it is always good to get a fresh and outside opinion/point of view of the country one lives in. I learned more about the U.S. from living 17 years in Europe than I did from American news while living in the country. I count on your newsletter, several Britsh newspapers and two or three European papers to keep my persceptive. My only wish for your Canadian publication is that you find a way to “re-import” Samantha Bee.

  3. HJ says:

    I hope the person’s that rubbished your article on zinc don’t live in Canada, Seem like the type that will grab a gun and join a gang if the going gets tough, so they can take from the people who have prepared hard times.

    Regarding 3D Signatures and Parkinson’s, a Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D. has had Parkinson’s for about ten years and kept it at bay by using the Paleo diet. Either may be a case of no one solution fits everybody. Maybe they will come up with a high percentage success rate long before DNA analysis and diet are better correlated.

    Like the previous two replies I have been reading you news letter for quite a few years, and look forward to reading them.

  4. Bob Drummond says:

    What’s really frightening is that ir doesn’t sound crazy. Tells you where our heads are.

    I remember a book I read about 30 years ago about a plot to fly planes int a majour New York building, that couldn’t happen either.

    This has all happened before and each time it is bigger and the results are worse.

    Nothing last for ever, everything else is temporary..

  5. c. harvey says:

    I do not think any of your readers were fooled.Most of the false news comes under the category of entertainment- the more crazy it sounds the more fun it is. We see this with all news about gold.If gold was not continously hyped nobody would buy it but the wealthy few.In the egually fun end of the world,end of the economy,end of everything “news” stories we realize that those holding gold will soon be relieved of their burdens by the young and hungry hordes or clever others.Like in most everything else in existence,there is no definitive something-like gold eg- which will protect you from sudden changes coming at you from far left field.But more than every you will need to help and the help of your neighbors, family and others.

  6. Paul says:

    In the last days of the Roman empire Rome were occupied by too many people with nothing to do. To guard against riots in the streets started by false rumours and mindless gossip the Emperors gave free games at the Coliseum. Some of these games lasted up to six months. Something like keeping the trash of the streets makes for quiet suburbs.

    Seems to me we are in the same situation again. Too many people with nothing to do other than chasing rumours and gossip – so-called “fake news”. Except verbal gossip and rumours has been replaced by Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and many many others. Not to mention CNN according to Trump.

    But for the sane few who actually knows what’s going on and reading the trends right opportunity and profits await.

  7. Michael Horner says:

    What is going to happen when and if NXO exercises its right to buy the ‘stack’ technology.?Where will the money come from?What will be the effect on the stock price? Are there any competitors at similar development stages? How well protected by patent is the technology?
    I know that you have done several write-ups on NXO but with the run-up in price and the recent volatility in the share price an up-date including answers to the questions above would be timely and appreciated.
    Michael Horner.

  8. Rob A says:

    I saw the movie so I recognized the premise of the missing warhead being used for nefarious means.
    Keep up the good work.

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