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The Truth About the Ukraine Bailout10 min read

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  1. First of all, the facts are that shale oit issues can be handled and are being handled. I am an engineer and everything has a benefits-consequences equation. Fears without facts do nothing in the evaluation.

    1. Kingsley says:

      That may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard from an engineer. Benefits-consequence equation? People are being killed in Ukraine and you’re telling me that the benefit of shale outweight the consequence of death? Moron.

    2. Judith Gaglani says:

      Yes,the big picture is shown on the link below:
      Looks like the IMF will probably do OK but there is so much oil and gas now that the demand is spiraling downward.
      To me the Ukraine is being used in a proxy war between east and west and concerns about military escalation and the consequences of climate change have been thrown out the door in a petty tit for tat. The idea that Ukrainians of either bent, or any of us will have a say in what happens is just a phantom as the war machines go into high gear.

  2. Ralph Watzke, JD, Lawyer (Canada) says:

    The majority of the Ukrainian people value their freedom and independence from Russia, more than anything, even economic factors, due to the unfortunate history of oppression, genocide, etc. – and now Putin’s unprovoked aggression against his sovereign independent neighbor (both directly and through its puppet “rebel” Republics). Ukrainians consider themselves Europeans, not “Little Russians” as the Muscovites call them, and desperately seek alignment with the West. They have all seen the amazing success stories of all of their neighbors to the west and northwest that had succeeded in joining EU and NATO, and desire to be part of that “European Dream”. Russia and its gangster puppet “mini-states” are clearly the aggressors here; Ukrainians do not wish to be part of a “near abroad” Russian sphere of influence. some of your sources are very dubious, TASS and RT are merely Putin’s propaganda and disinformation arms, and are notoriously unreliable, especially regarding Russia-Ukraine affairs. Poland and the Baltics are scared out of their wits and are mobilizing against a feared Russian invasion.

    1. Tammy Sue says:

      Have you actually been to Ukraine? In particular, East Ukraine? Everyone makes comments without seeing every side of the picture. The article clearly is meant to say that both Russia and the US are fighting for Ukraine. If you don’t think that is the case, then you’re an idiot. Ukraine national guard has been bombing and shelling towns and they are supported by the U.S. Tell me that is peaceful.

    2. Peter Ball says:

      Funny, he who writes a “lawyer” beside their name thinks they know everything.

  3. coyote says:

    Same old Uncle Satan. . .

  4. Ralph Watzke, JD, Lawyer (Canada) says:

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I have actually been in Ukraine: Kyiv, Chernivtsi, and points in between. My mother was Ukrainian and I speak the language fluently; my roots are actually in Eastern Ukraine as my paternal grandfather was from Velyki Sorochyntsi in Poltava Oblast’ – the same town that has the famous Sorochyntsi Fair (Yarmarok) commemmorated by Nikolai Gogol (Hohol) in his book, and Mussorgsky in his opera. I continue to be in contact with my many Ukrainian friends, relatives, acquaintances and contacts, and keep informed, often first-hand, what is happening. (Although there is a lot of unreliable and misleading Russian-sourced propaganda out there that some gullible folks in the West tend to believe). 99% of my Ukraine contacts, even those who are Russian speakers or have Russian names (as I know that language too),are strongly pro-Ukrainian and pro-West. I do admit to having relatives with my family surname (Smola) in Russia, who are strongly pro-Putin and anti-Ukraine, who’ve swallowed the Putinesque propaganda hook line and sinker, such as Cousin Sergei in Murmansk (despite being of Ukrainian Zaporozhian Cossack descent). So yes, I’ve been there and I know and understand of what I speak, which is Chysta Pravda (plain truth)! And despite what Putin’s propaganda claims, the “West” really hasn’t even cared much at all, until very recently, and extremely late….

    1. Sammy Tan says:

      Thanks for sharing your insight. As with any war, there are going to be two sides. I spoken to Ukrainian friends who oppose Putin, and I have spoken to those who say the Ukrainian national guard are terrorizing their streets.

      What I would like to know is why Ukraine is trying to add drill rigs and equipment during a time of war?

      Also, when was the last time you were actually in Ukraine, in the province of Donetsk? I am asking as it would be great to have a different perspective, and not because I am against your comments. Let’s all share thoughts so we can all have a better opinion

      1. mary says:

        “As with any war, there are going to be two sides.” This statement is so simplistic. There are in fact many sides, and it is very doubtful that anybody with an army gives a hoot about being on the side of the people.

  5. JR says:

    So you can pick up their collateral when they default.

  6. mary says:

    Good article, Ivan. You are missing the Monsanto part of this equation. GMOs for Europe will proceed in Ukraine, I suspect.

  7. Terry S says:

    Good article. Thinking, GENIE ENERGY LTD has fracking technology that uses water vs chemicals and is much safer and better than using chemicals.

  8. Bill Macy says:

    It seems to me that, given eastern Ukraine has a lot of petroleum under it that could be developed (more easily,safer, and quicker)
    if there were stability/peace. Worrying about where the money is coming from to repay loans is secondary to extablishing stability so the petroleum can be accessed…and be used partially to repay the loans.

  9. Vinnie in Sun City says:

    Who is kidding who? You ask; “So why would anyone lend money to someone who can’t pay it back?”
    Because the Lenders are going to make money on the loans! Are you stupid? Nobody lends anything for nothing in return! Don’t try to convince me that no money is being made on this B.S. !

    1. John says:

      Perhaps you should read the whole article. The point is that money will be made through the partnerships that come with the loan..not on the loan. The whole article is about the profits that will be made. You have to love the idiots who comment as if they know what they are talking about, say something stupid, and don’t read the whole article.

  10. W. Craig Harvey says:

    Our great ally Mother Russia from WWII should invade and reclaim the entire Ukraine and put an end to all interference from the IMF and global corporations and the governments they influence. If there is money to be made from the development of gas/oil or whatever then the Russian states should control it completely. Europe must learn to deal with a Russia that feels safe, a Russia that can prosper from selling energy. No nation or group of nations will ever defeat Russia, so why play at war in the Ukraine? Well the Equedia article tells why. And it is a terrible shame.

    1. Ralph Watzke, JD, Lawyer (Canada) says:

      Why, why do you despise Ukraine and Ukrainians so much, that you would force them back under the Russian yoke? Ukrainians are not Russians, don’t they have a right to their own country?
      Did they not suffer enough under Stalin and the Tsars? Ukrainians are a distinct people, a nation, who are much more westward-looking, European in their culture and outlook than most Russians….
      Another believer of the Putin propaganda machine…
      And the WW II alliance with “Mother Russia” was a huge mistake; Stalin was no better than Hitler in fact he murdered so many millions more.

  11. Kenneth Shonk says:

    Several points:
    1)I appreciate Equedia’s alternative view point. The potential for shale gas in the Ukraine is something I wasn’t aware of previously even though I am a geologist. I also wasn’t aware of the Biden connection. Interesting.
    2) Much of the conflict (according to a Ukrainian friend of mine living in Canada) reflects the previous Russian imperialist settlement policy of moving ethic Russian into their former satellite republics in order to generate a loyal local population and maintain control of the former satellite republics. The exile of local “disloyal” native populations was also part of this policy as for example the exile of most of the ethic Turkish population in the Crimea during WWII and the exile of most Chechnyan natives during WWII. This has engendered much of the ethic conflict and affects not only the Ukraine but the Baltic states, Moldova, Chechnya, and other former Soviet republics.
    3) Fracking technology has evolved and today the best fracking fluids actually use a sufactant extracted from orange peels – d-limonene and other related compounds (terpenes). D-limonene has anti-cancer properties. Even most other fracking fluids used have additives typical of common household chemical most homes have under the kitchen sink – http://www.theengineer.co.uk/news/fracking-fluids-no-more-toxic-than-substances-found-in-the-home/1019492.article. A properly cemented well collar is necessary to focus the pressure generated to frack the well to the appropriate point. General the facturing process happens in segments of about 100-300 feet along the horizontal part of a well with the length fractured a function of on the fracture characteristics or the reservoir rocks and the cost added with each fracture stage used. Fractures generally penentrate the geologic formation being fractured for 25 to 100 feet though a extreme minority of the induced fractures may extend as much as 200 feet. This has been investigated using geophones to map fracture propagation though this is very expensive to do so it is not standard procedure and has no need to be. It is primarily used to understand the fracturing characteristics of the target geologic formation. The natural formation fluids in any hydrocarbon reservoir are never potable water and may have high salinities (since they are often ancient sea water)and contain hydrocarbons so contamination of a potable water reservoir in the natural gas producing formation by fracking fluids isn’t a ever legitimate issue.
    3) News flash to the uneducated!! All hydrocarbon rich reservoirs whether shale source rock or petroleum reservoirs leak. In fact analyzing soil gases (both free and absorbed on soils) for hydrocarbons in one inexpensive exploration technique that can be used for standard petroleum and natural gas reservoirs (check out the following link http://www.actlabs.com/page.aspx?menu=71&app=252&cat1=793&tp=2&lk=no. “Kill zones” (vegetation depleted zones or indicator species tolerant zones) are also not uncommon over unexploited hydrocarbon reservoirs, especially if shallow (<5000').
    4)Exploitation of natural gas is the fastest way to reduce hydrocarbon emmissions. The USA leads the world in CO2 emmission reduction because of the used of fracking to exploit natural gas.
    5)Liquid salt cooled thorium reactors are the solution to conflicts over energy. They have the potential to produce electricity for US$0.01-0.02/kwh making fossil fuels unneccessary. Go to http://www.thoriumenergyalliance.com/.
    Such reactors are scaleable (1KW to 1000KW, have no-potential for a meltdown of the core, are run at atmospheric pressure so no high pressure resistant containment structure is needed, the by-products have short half-lives so they cool to background radiation levels in 100 years, and can be used to "detoxify" long-half life by-products of water cooled uranium nuclear reactors.

  12. Wayne Cox says:

    “Experts claim that not a single country in the world has invented a method of utilization of harmful toxic agents in the process of development of shale gas deposits.”

    So called “experts” have vastly overstated the risks associated the risks of frac’ing shale gas in the majority of plays. Very shallow plays do have a higher risk of potential contamination of shallow aquifers. Target shale gas plays deeper than 1500 m have extremely low chances of ground water contamination if proper well construction techniques are utilized. Virtually all so called contamination incidents in north America which have been investigated by government agencies and independent experts have shown no contamination by frac’ing. If the object is to eliminate hydrocarbon production, then these groups should say so rather than continually repeating incidents that have been proven wrong and stop the hyperbole.

  13. Knut says:

    To tease Putin.

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