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The United States vs Germany: A Global Financial War13 min read

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  1. Dr. Kuehne says:

    Dear Mr. Lo,
    thank again for excellent analysis. This is of high value!
    Regarding minimum wage: I was worried regarding cost of my German business BEFORE minimum wage was introduced, the opposite happened: staff is more motivated and works better, you don’t find staff anymore. In Thailand minimum wage is a roadblock to prosperity. Maybe you should gather some more info about this delicate matter, I changed from Saulus to Paulus.

    F.W. Kuehne

  2. AtinIto says:

    Thanks Ivan for the sharing these opportunities with everyone. What stock do you suggest is the best way to enter into gold at this time. I was watching NMI but they are recently sold to Kirkland Lake Gold. Would you recommend buying Kirkland? looking forward to your input.

  3. John says:

    So if trump puts tariffs on imported goods making them more expensive to buy this making us made goods cheaper creating jobs because of demand please describe how more jobs and goods made in America will be detrimental to the country I believe the author of this report is a crackpot

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