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A Technological Revolution: Microsoft HoloLens and Switzerland Exposes China’s Secret8 min read

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  1. peter says:

    excuse my lack of grammer and punctuation…….this has got to be a megaleap in its influence on life in the 21 century….the porn industry will jump at this technology….the porn business drove vhs growth pc growth and people like Netflix

    if Microsoft can successfully launch windows 10 and at the same time hololens then I can see the porn industry with the help of independent developers propel the acceptance of the technology….. one should be a buyer of Microsoft ……the cash flow has got to be affected….and the dividend maintained…..but what do I know I thought google and Netflix were novelties and how could they possibly generate cashflow I did not buy.

    1. Tom says:

      This is a major leap. The problem is the practically of its uses. Looks incredible, but will there be a real world use for it?

      If the app makers think of something useful, this will be the next big thing

    2. great piece! from a purely selfish standpoint, i love the fact that there is hardly ever anyone walking or biking over the bridge – makes it much easier to run across than the bk or williamsburg bridges. also – that’s an interesting point about the debate btwn eye bar chains and steel wire. didn’t know that

  2. Nick Wagner says:

    Over the past year I have been an avid reader of your newsletter. I am very impressed of your data collection and analysis of the data. Also, your comments on and connection to world events is outstanding.
    My only negative observation of your great work is that you fell for the Microsoft Hololens hoopla. While I believe that it may be an assistance to 3-D design and visualization, that quad-copter was never 3-D printed with motors, batteries, electrical wiring and control system, including software. Microsoft just wants to create a buzz. They had to do something, their share price has been languishing for eight of the past ten years.
    Keep up the great work!
    Nick Wagner

  3. Barb Doherty says:

    Microsoft’s new ‘toy’; so very interesting!

    I forsee healing applications with this technology. Dr. Norman Doidge documents neuroplastic treatments in his new book and I believe this could be a future tool in these endeavours.

    Thank you! Your articles are always a joy to read even if the realities they illuminate, may be frightening.

  4. Alfons Hughes says:

    Hi Ivan
    I look forward to your column each week. Lately I have been following companies near Srewart, in northwestern BC.
    I put some money on one, IDM Mining which I have some hope for even though I am in a loss at the moment,.quite usual these days.
    The reasons I bought the story were the people first, the history next, the area, and lastly,their ability to raise at least enough to get started on something that could prove up a substantial resource without doing a lot of expensive work based on work, equipment, and data abandoned by Lac minerals some time ago.
    The company has very good engineering contacts, and good insider holdings together with a low share count. As well as close to town.

  5. Jason Smith says:

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