NexOptic Technology Corp. and Spectrum Optix Inc. of Calgary, Canada tells the world that they have completed assembly of their proof of concept telescope prototype lens stack and successfully captured its first set of unprocessed images of the moon.

In less than 60 days, we are about to witness the unveiling of a revolutionary flat lens system that threatens the very basic concepts of physics. Here is another look at one of our favourite technology plays and what to expect.

NexOptic Technology Corp. and Spectrum Optix Inc. of Calgary, Canada, and together with NexOptic, the "Companies" are pleased to announce that Mr. Stephen Petranek has joined the Board of Directors of NexOptic Technology Corp.

NexOptic Technology Corp. and Spectrum Optix Inc. of Calgary, Canada, are pleased to report that Spectrum has successfully completed the first set of optical tests for the patent pending Blade Optics™ portion of the lens stack for its proof of concept prototype ("POC") telescope. The Companies are satisfied with the performance metrics of Blade Optics™ on an optical bench, and expect it to enable the unprecedented form factor benefits after incorporating the remaining optical elements of the POC.

A BTV video on how NexOptic could revolutionize the world of optics with its patent pending Blade Optics Technology.

Nexoptic Technology (TSX-V: NXO)(OTCQB: NXOPF) has made the technological discovery of a lifetime. Centuries of research from well-known scientists may need to be rewritten when this radical discovery is unveiled. That's NexOptic has discovered a technology so radical that fundamental equations we have been using for over 400 years may need to be redefined.

Take a look at the rendering presentation of our First Prototype - a feature-rich telescope with a near 1 to 1 aperture to depth ratio, unprecedented form factor, significant effective focal length and a C-mount for the attachment of a specialized camera system.

Former Analyst for US Military Task Force ODIN Joins Team as Image Processing Specialist for Patent Pending Blade Optics™ Lens Technology

NexOptic Technology Corp. (OTCQB: NXOPF) (TSX VENTURE: NXO) (FRANKFURT: E3O1) and Spectrum Optix Inc. of Calgary, Canada report that, further to their joint news release dated May 25, 2016, the Companies have successfully completed the third phase of their four phase proof of concept prototype ("POC") development program. This phase included, among other tasks, the completion of a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) model for the final internal mechanical design of the POC and mechanical part and assembly drawings.

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NexOptic and Spectrum Order All Optical Elements to Construct Their First of Its Kind Telescope Prototype

NexOptic's Blade Optics technology is almost complete and it could have dramatic ramifications for a massive sector. Read this to learn more.