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Secrets of Bank Involvement in Oil Revealed12 min read

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  1. Thomas Braun says:

    Thanks for the straight truth on the oil & banks.
    Was very enlightening- Good work

  2. tom says:

    We agree to Sanctions against USSR,
    But would not agree to drive oil to $50 a bbl
    with the help of Saudi?

    Why not?

  3. Lee says:

    IVAN. thanks for sharing information with the public. The education system does not allow high school graduates to dwell into financing sort of to keep the population dormant. Thanks again for your self made educator.

    BANKING at work
    you start a bank lets say with $1000.00 real hard core cash asset. You now are able to lend out or create supply and demand 14x the $1k , as far I am aware. Correct me if I am wrong on the 14x ( in Canada) leverage free money or money that does not exist. via loans, mtg, derivatives, insurance etc.
    This is the basic idea in banking systems.
    The FED and bankers are pretty astute self educated and all bets should be insured via CDIC, insurance contracts etc so that it never stops revolving the demand and supply.
    Amazing how Federal Laws are omitted by loop holes. This of course only for the few.
    Another words one needs an army to put a stop to this vision on infinite supply and demand.

    Those of have access to financial information otherwise privy to commoners. They know full well what and when things will evolve up or down. Fool ourselves not its all manipulation of the first kind. and since there are no laws for banker per sey it keeps its wheels greased by repeating itself over and over.
    This turn down on markets and oil was much created purposely. So for those with the inside information benefit up or down..The more fluctuation the more money is made.(supply & demand equation) that never fails.
    The recent unusual swing up in the indexes tells me that we will see metals and commodities make a move up and this tends to be a seasonal behavior Buy in January sell before May. 90% of time I been alive most money is made between nov. and may.
    Rates and specially oil will moderately go up . Economics are not there to sustain higher rates and Russian petro dollars need to be controlled. Unless war breaks out.
    In the next email I will share an idea about banking for Canadians for I am one, Oakvilian…

  4. Lee says:

    HOW WE CAN TURN AROUND THE WEALTH BEEING ROBBED.. for Canadians, Ottawa should have a printing machine to issue debits and credits at will in a responsible mandate. thus we the people are our own banking institution.

    At Least for Residential mortgages as this is the largest debt (robber.. per sey).
    I buy my home and instead to borrow $400k from the bankers I borrow from Ottawa.. Ottawa issues an entry in the money machine thus creating a fictious asset in exchange for a real asset, my hard work for each dollar I earn. I then return to Ottawa the 400K in cash asset.

    No interest charged on the 400k as this was funds never existed and in LAW no contract is valid unless real assets are exchanged. yet bankers are allowed etc.
    Ottawa is now richer by $400k. then multiply this figure by the population etc . Ottawa will very quickly have no debt and a lot of cash flow. for the benefit of the population as a whole. all of us

    charge me a nominal rate of 3% and this amount to go into my retirement years.
    paid back in 300 months the retirement or interest charged is about $168k,, which most Canadians don’t have now to retire and will collect stamps from government like the USA does.
    If One decides on a 5%
    retirement nest of $298,000.00
    With 24% of the Canadian population retiring by 2024 the current cpp and Aos simply not enough
    Besides is this all a slave gets rewarded after working 30+ yrs.
    Secondly: Politicians should ask Queen Elizabeth to at least give us the land on which our homes sit on. Here is why.
    Lets say the land value $200K
    so the $400k + 200K land = $600k purchase.
    For land I do not own I am forced to borrow from the BANKER another 200k at 3%/ 25yr amortization= to $294k I have to paid the banker who creates money out of thin air.etc…
    who is making the money?????? anybody know.???
    gst/pst another approxx. 15% for a total 50%
    Plus Home taxes. police tickets, fishing licence; etc etc..
    How much or our gross earnings are we able to retain as savings.
    Like I said bankers must be astute in math. They know exactly how the game of control is played.

  5. Charles A. Ellis says:

    There is another variable in the complicated equation of world oil price and that is the oil industry infrastructure that is being dismantled. I happen to believe the Saudis aim is to reduce the drilling, completion and pipeline construction phases of the oil and gas industry to some point. That will take some time. . .maybe a year or more. Many of the horizontal well operators are hedged to the point they won’t be hurt so much in 2015. Some will continue to drill for awhile. But once the service companies cut back on personnel they cannot “put the genie back in the bottle”. Service company personnel must find other work to support their families. It probably will only take six months low prices to cripple the service industry but much longer to restore it to the levels of early 2014. I would estimate that crude prices will average in the $70’s in 2015 and continue to slowly increase back to the $100’s in 2 years to 3 years. How this affects the world economy is going to be hard to predict.

  6. Dave says:

    This is 1 explanation the other is this is part of an organised attack against Russia

  7. Myron says:

    By driving oil prices down to uneconomic levels for Russia, is the West not risking another bond default by Russia, thereby triggering another LTCM-type fiasco? It seems to me that this time around, the West is not in a position of strength to withstand such a default, except for the possibility that banks would have to unload a portion of their commodity hoard if called upon again to support the bond market.

  8. Webgogs says:

    The idea of low prices is also aimed at helping the big guys scoop up developers and pretty much all the cherries impacted by the low prices. They just did this to mining including using algo trading to literally wipe out the explorers. That will make what they bought up far far more valuable in the near future. One person commented that the sharp drop on oil was an artifact. He explained that it was probably coincidence that a bunch of computers decided to sell that day. What a joke. It’s the same script from the mining and metal fiasco. It used to be that the manipulators had to wait a couple decades between rapes. Now it’s semi annually. The public just doesn’t seem to be able to remember what just happened. They also do not see that it is their own governments who are behind all of it! I know all of this is long wave driven and hard to escape but that doesn’t mean it can’t be orderly. We could innovate our way out of it.

  9. GMan says:

    Have you considered the $o.5 trillion US$ cash balance Saudia Arabia had at the end of 2013? How much cheaper the arms cost. About 25% discount. That may not be
    the in all reason oil collapsed to $43. US$ January 2015.
    But world domination of Energy is largely at play.
    The move into Ukraine by Russia will likely go down as the biggest
    blunder by a world leader in History.
    This gave a reason for everything to follow, I dont expect oil to
    go much above $60 than down to the $30’s.
    The current oversupply is going into tankers and empty holes inthe ground. When those holes fill up, the only thing to do is for oil production to collapse. Than the oil price will balance out.
    Greed begets Greed. Even if the cost of money is 2% to finance the stored oil, the cash flow must be high enough to pay the interest after all other costs. ie: one must have a profit to pay for speculation costs.
    I say if you want your nose broken just stand in the door way.
    Russia is learning a hard lesson in Democracy. China is tagging along and not using or developing there vast oil and LNG reserves for the simple reason Russia will build the pipeline now and when they can no longer send lng to China, China can send it back.
    In the end those who still have some thing to sell will still be in business.

  10. Myron says:

    Re: Secrets of Bank Involvement in Oil Revealed

    Aptly named. At the end of the day, there is one over-riding fact that is at the bottom of the current worldwide financial turmoil, and that is the special privilege that the banks have acquired to be allowed to create ‘money’ out of thin air and, adding insult to injury, are allowed to actually charge interest to the (unsuspecting?) borrower on said ‘money’, secured by the legalities implicit in the obligatory status of a loan. From this stems the enormous power of the banking system and its falsely acquired control over global finances and trade. With such a lucrative and power-bequeathing tool at its disposal, the banking system will stop at nothing to maintain this control. Wars, depressions, epidemics, shortages, endless propaganda and more are all useful tools for the psychopathic bankers to deploy in their insane need for dominance and control. At some point, this greed will destroy itself, as always happens but it will cost the rest of the world dearly in terms of life, liberty and personal welfare; indeed, it already has. Think Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Syria, Ukraine and Greece, just to name a few of the more recent episodes. Sure, there are/were always sub-levels of tyranny, corruption and brutality that could be exploited in a propagandistic sense to justify the ensuing wars and interference, but at the end of the day, it was and is all about maintaining and acquiring global financial hegemony.
    The system has no nationality concerns. It is solely concerned with its own power and existence. This is perhaps the message of ‘The Fourth Turning’.

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