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The Real Reason for War in Ukraine8 min read

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  1. Tom S says:

    Interestingly, western media hasn’t even begun to cover anything to do with the pipelines. Nations continue to use freedom, and religion to do their bidding. Its sickening

    1. Terry Rowsell says:

      Hi Tom:
      I respect your comments and this is much more than freedoms and religion. The fact that governments and Lawyers are using deception in these areas to promote their evils but present it as silver linings. Religions are a powerful lobby but being stripped of these powers by the legal and government systems and that is why we see things like the 10 Commandments removed from public places, that is why a religious group of people are prohibited by law to say for what God feels on certain issues.
      The elements that I mentioned are playing up to a majority to buy power by support. They are playing up to a majority that says they want to do anything they wish and are not wanting to hear about possible consequences such as {God Forbids Such Evil}.
      The aforementioned uses their man made laws to make the good look bad and evil and the immature factors are accepting such while the mature factors are being silenced. This is the deception at play here and what I am trying to do is tell you to look and see this deception. God says that Satan is the master of deception and that is why we need to see beyond the evil elements. There is hope in the midst of the storms of which I am referring to and that is again another Biblical truth. God says that {“You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”}. This is why everyone needs to unmask what is going on here and the only way we can accomplish this is for everyone that hears to launch out and tell it to everyone you can possibly find that will listen about this. Here is a good place to platform these truths while there are ears to listen and eyes to see and a brain that has not been brainwashed yet to see and comprehend these truths. Please sir, if you can see my message as legitimate, take my challenge and tell it to everyone you possibly can so a lost generation of people can be saved from it’s ultimate destruction.

  2. Harold says:

    Let’s not give Russia that much credit. America by far still has the upper hand and Russia cannot afford to go at America without allies supporting it. China is one, but its not enough. Russia can flex its muscles but America still is in control.

    1. Terry Rowsell says:

      Hi Harold:
      America is broke and cannot fight a war as you speak of. China is in serious financial troubles and everyone is taking as much advantage as they can to secure it’s energies. A country can fight a war while being broke if it has the energy in oil and gas. Without this, your planes and equipment is grounded and you get picked off one shot at a time without any defense.

  3. Terry Rowsell says:

    At the very lease, if you look at the West, Canada/U.S., you can see that the governing bodies has taken a care less approach to the little guy’s/ordinary citizens. Everyone and all seem to have all the powers to take as much money as they want out of our pockets. We huge unjustified gas prices at the gas pumps in a time where everybody is scraping the bottom of the barrel to get by. Many cannot afford to buy a home or build a new one and it’s because of escalated costs due to irresponsible lawmakers bringing legislation that are driving up costs to homes. We see that people should have a right to protect themselves from harsh weathers by building small huts if they cannot buy or build homes for normal living. Lawyers are one of the biggest demises to the future of democracy and out liberties but are able to deceive a majority that they are the good in these evils. The Bible gives very dishonorable mention to lawyers in prophetic end times. It says that they will heap to themselves, {Teachers With Itching Ears} and that is lawyers who are bringing in laws that protect the big governments and companies at the expense of us the little people. Anything and everything that is destructive seems to get the attention of lawyers and laws are brought to protect these rights to go down these paths. Churches has lost nearly all their rights to speak out in such cases as their opposition to the Gay movement as being just one example to refer to. Democracy needs to be totally changed with Lawyers losing their powers that they are seriously abusing. Governments seem to be just puppets to the lawyers adjendas these days and they are taking and taking from the wells that taxpayers are tirelessly trying to fill back up. Oil companies are gouging the pockets of it’s customers by using the terms of the market economies {Supply & Demand} methods to justify escalating prices. These Oil Companies need to lose these rights to supply and demand costs and Oil and Gas needs to be legislated as a matter of Nation Security so as insurance companies and utilities. This needs to be done ASAP or we face doom because greed cannot be removed from their equations where we can survive in an environment of normal living and expectations. These are just fair and reasonable demands of the little people but we cannot break or weaken any links of the chains of the wealthy. Everybody is fed up with where we are heading and go figure this one now. We are being fined because when the garbage truck empties our garbage cans someone has to stay home to babyset the can and move it off the side of the street thus losing work or be fined. Isn’t this sick? We have to see serious and fast changes or we continue to see these destructive ways and the only other way out would be a complete revolt which we hope would not be necessary because it too will have it’s destructiveness.

    Sorry to write this folks but it is very true that while other countries citizens are dying for Democracy, here in the Democratic established countries, they are working very hard to tear it down. Lets speak up and point our fingers at who’s to blame or things will only continue to get worse. We won’t be a liked people for speaking up either but at least we will be doing the necessities for change.

  4. Another fantastic read.I think you are 100% spot on with what you say.

    1. Terry Rowsell says:

      Thank you so much for your support, Please go tell it on the mountains to help provide hope to these lost people of which we speak of. Unless we stop this madness, we will see a much more expeditious fall and it will be so rapid we will not have much hope when we get into a total free fall like we are surely headed.

  5. Fred Sanchez " Califa " says:

    Some thing important and suspicious,you seem to know about it….You like to tell us? please

  6. peter says:

    Although $200B in the grand scheme of things is not enormous amounts of money it is, substantial to absorb all in one transaction. Perhaps this is the underlying reason as to the quite market.

    1. Terry Rowsell says:

      Hi Fred:

      This is not a $200B that we are seeing and can cover in one transaction. This is about a total systemic failure of current issues and policies. If we start right at this moment to try and fix the wrongs right now it will take decades to do so while yet these $200B’s are still mounting. There are no global economic cooperation policies and practices in place to work together to solve these issues. What we are seeing is countries like China and Russia taking their own individual paths to secure their needs to fight a long war if and when it happens. This is why it is not just about $200B and everything is fixed. Every element of societies as being ripped apart while distractions of global issues are getting most of the attention. We need to solve everything accumulatively, then and only then will we see progress towards stability. The Bible talks about everyone humbling themselves and seeking God’s face, love one another and pray, then I will hear from Heaven and will heal their land. This is the real picture with great promises attached but the exact opposite is running the ship.

  7. Mike Velez says:

    a lot of unhappy people, in addition probably made a lot of mistakes they could not live in, conspiracy, no.

    1. Terry Rowsell says:

      Hi Mike:

      We cannot change the past but the problem is that the it is the past that is taking us down the road to self-destruction. What got us here is still keeping us here and taking us down further without the will to make changes.

  8. Old Mike says:

    It is hard to prove that there is a causal link between these mysterious and highly suspicious deaths. On the other hand it is my opinion that the men mentioned were probably under enormous unimaginable stress

    PS It was years before a link was found between lung cancer and cigarette smoking,

  9. Pipeline says:

    The U.S. is controlled by big business today, they donate big money to get people elected who will pass or keep laws for their benefit. Wall Street has become a big casino and these mysterious deaths of investment bankers are very puzzling. Personally I think they were asked to do more manipulation in the debt markets or in the precious metal markets that they could not do. SEC investigation for the 16 banks involved with mortgage frauds and manipulation of inter-bank lending are just the tip of the ice berg. This will be a very interesting week.

  10. ron argamino says:

    Cant take the stress of number games.Most of all GREED…at the end of the day the powers that be will survive this rothschild,rockefeller And the illmunatis or bildenberg gangs(?)…

  11. Pipeline says:

    It’s a bit like a game of chess with Putin, he has been moving his pawns around the board and has taken a knight. The next move is to wait to see the reaction of the election today and what sanctions the EU and the US will put on Russia. He is a smart man and has looked at all the angles before he did anything. He will play by the rules but when pushed he is going to go after the queen with a vengeance we have not seen in over 70 years. The people have voted and they want to be part of Russia again, to interfere with this would not be wise for the EU or US. This will end up being a financial war and we do not have any bullets left. Their are too many countries working together to bring down the demise of the US petro dollar. If the 1 B in UST is cashed in it will devastate our bond market. If China moved lock step with this, game over.

  12. Terry Rowsell says:

    Lets suppose that China & Russia are working together right now but not allowing it to look so much like it is so. Israel has not been mentioned for far too long now and you can be sure that it will be back in the news soon and will remain there.

    If anyone thinks that Iran, Russia, Seria, China and a few others has no issues they would like to resolve with Israel, they don’t know enough. China wants the US to be weakened if not ruined from a financial standpoint. The US right now is refusing to take the steps they need to, to solve their debt. Does anyone find it strange that it is at this time that we see moves that are very troubling for the US by Russia, China and Iran? The fact is that it is the US governing bodies that are destroying the US more than any other entity right now by not working together to solve the debt. If the US were financially secure, we likely would not see China making waves in the North and South China seas and other areas. China has manipulated their currency for years and it has huge financial implications and benefits if their dollar is the international currency. If you look at the moves Russia and China are making right now and realize the seriousness of it, we would serious troubles for a long time to come. All that seems to be lacking right now is a move on Israel and the US would be obligated to step in and then the US would fall over the financial cliff they themselves created. There are a lot of things playing out right now in a well calculated step by step procedure. It won’t be long before Israel becomes the forefront again in the news. One could call me crazy if they really wanted to but watch and see as these things play itself out. China gets control over the International water ways and they get a huge advantage and something they want. Russia is not very happy with losing the USSR and wants to level the playing field again. If they moved on Israel, they win favor and a huge foothold in the Middle East. Doesn’t that bring back the line level in territory and loss power with the USSR no more. WOW…what a sobering thought. Russia needs the waterways in Crimea and are welling to plunge the world into war to get it. Look at the geographical landscape and put my writing here to the tests and all of a sudden pieces of the puzzle begin falling into place.

    1. tony green says:

      if you look at china’s navy, their new aircraft carrier is decades behind US technology. Their submarine fleet cannot even go on a simple manuever without having to turn around due to engine failure. they have no heavy lift capability, few helicopters. They do not want the US military weak. If that was the case they would then have to take over patrolling the worlds shipping lanes, which at this time, they do not possess the maritime capability to do. Yes I do think that Russia is sour over the breakup of the soviet union. Vladimir Putin could care less about sanctions for invading the Ukraine. He is a crook and has raped the russian people of billions of dollars, so he isnt worried about economic sanctions.He probably isnt going to suspend gas sales to Europe, seeing that greed wont let him. He has money yet as most greedy inviduals he wants more. The US by 2015 will be the largest producer of natural gas and crude oil in the world. Logistics to transport these fossil fuels will be in place by 2015. If putin cuts europe off, the us will simply move in and take the billions in over priced energy contracts away. I agree that the us has acted inapropriately on the world stage but, at the same time…we defend Japan, Europe, South Korea,Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,,the Phillipines, and many other nations. We patrol the worlds oceans to ensure that goods csn move freely. But the disgusting thing is….we the tax payers, foot the bill. We pay high oil prices, and are stabbed in the back at every turn. Our young men and women died in aFGHANISTAN AND THE AFGHANI GOVERNMENT HAS LET THE CHINESE HAVE FIRST DIBS ON THEIR RECENTLY DISCOVERED MINERAL FIELDS. Wow I dont get it. The US GOVERNMENT HAS ENOURMOUS FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ASSOCIATED WITH POLICING THE WORLD. I am sick of it, When their is a conflict they depend on us to square it up.Has anyone noticed that with the oil fracking technology being used in the Dakotas, making the us have the largest oil reserves in the world, that we still pay over $3.00 per gallon for gas. You see our government is not in a hurry to drill new oil wells. They want to continue to import oil and sit on our reserves until Opec’s supplies run low. Then the US will go into full production and maximize the return on their investment allowing the us citizens to continue to struggle with gas prices in an economy already strained by the cost of being the political saviour of the world. Seriously, I could gripe all day but the fact of the matter is that Japan made a mistake during ww2 and awoke a sleeping giant. I dont want war but if America is threatened, they better look out. We are the most determined hard working, proud, and protective people in the world. This big dog can and will bite if they rattle its cage. Dont believe that our country is weak militarily.Russia, China, Iran, and anyone else knows that we are superior militarily. We have weapons that will make your head spin…Rest easy patriots…AMERICA CAN BE GREAT AGAIN.

  13. Goldeye says:

    Once again, Putin is ahead of the curve. Perhaps as soon as the middle of this week, the West (namely the U.S., the UN and the EU) will come to realize that Putin is 2 or 3 moves ahead of them and that no amount of political rhetoric or sanctions will force him to get out of Crimea. I actually find it funny that Obama laid out his sanction cards on the table a full week or so before the so-called deadline of today (Sunday) — yep, nothing like giving Putin and his cronies a head-start on transferring investments out of the U.S. So now the ball is in the West’s corner — this week should be very interesting!

  14. Malcolm says:

    Putin is a deciple of Stalin, who, as he intimated to Chuhchill, that since the Pope had no Divisions, he had no say about Poland. Pipeline or no pipeland, all superpowers beat-up their neighbours until they’re satisfied. Example- the US from post-Civil War to the Reagan Eighties. Putin and Russia are continuing, after it is seen to be murderous and worldly unpopular. Are there pipelines in Georgia and Moldova – places where he has Russian Troops? They act only in their interests, which don’t include morality.

    1. Terry says:

      Hi Malcolm:

      To respond to your comments, this world seems to have many Satan’s working their evil as we speak. Greed is one huge issue today and a driving force to most of the evil we see today. The Pipeline issues can be struck a huge blow if the EU would step in and tell Russia that they will not purchase their oil and gas if they proceed in Crimea. I doubt that the EU will do that because they are the beneficiaries of the Russian Oil & Gas so they watch all this happen without taking steps to stop Russia. The world is working what they think is magic to get what they want but it is actually not magic but rather it is “DECEPTION”, Satan’s best partnership that he is the master off. We need to really see what is going on and we can only see it if we take away the blindness of the world. It is written that Jesus is the light of the world but how is it that we appear to be in total darkness. It is not that Jesus doesn’t exist because he really does, the problem is that the world is seriously deceived by it’s blindness/wickedness. If we are to make a comeback from the brink of total chaos on a global scale, we need to start seeking God out in the midst of all of this. Only then will we be able to clearly see what is going on and know the truth of it and then we will be able to see and know the truth which will set us free. If God sets us free, we will surely and truly be free indeed. This sums it up in a nut shell. If we are allowed to continue down the path the world is heading, no flesh will be saved so we need to seek first and find ourselves. Once we find ourselves we will see the need to seek out the face of God, then and only then will we see freedom.

  15. Lee says:

    The only true asset is LABOR. which we produce with our own bodies. The pressure to perform in the in the financial markets is immense. Pressure and Stress brings about all deceases to the surface no matter how strong one tries to be.

    Pushing this Labor Asset to the Limit
    has its consequences,———————- something that the corporate world is failing to recognize miserably.
    Our body structure can only take so much till it explodes or implodes.Depression will be the major decease to deal with by 2020 and we don’t even have a cure for this decease yet.
    No one knows what a real depression is or what it can do to the physical body and thinking program—– yes including doctors—–
    Only those who go trough have an understanding how Ugly this decease is
    If the corporate world does not recognize it and learn ways to prevent it , they are in for a lot of losses, from a lot of good Human Labor Asset, who otherwise could still be producing.
    The more stressed one is the poorer the financial decisions………..

  16. Lee says:

    If the Elite are human or half human , they are certainly predictable. They pushed gold up and then down profiting both ways.This is a way to keep the rich richer and the commoner on its place.
    We make a little than loose a little and than some more, is their game plan.
    THIS IS HOW THE MOST IMPORTANT ASSET “LABOR” is kept in control.—LEARN TO PREDICT THEIR—BEHAVIOR— and to do so one learns the reasons of WHY Syria and Ukraine, all in the name of Freedom. BS./ this is the movie they play for us to watch and be distracted by it.
    Goverments are corporations and not the people’s interest.Goverment is a way to establish control on societies. These are personal agenda’s and to make it more confusing , politicians are just puppets following the Elite’s decisions behind the curtains for self purposes.(pushing Economics UP & Down, at will))——How the hell we can handle 200% inflation asset increases on short time periods.How we have lost over 90% in currency (deflation) values etc.Interesting how most of us don’t seem to grasp this.For Inflation also has a balancing side to it=to deflation(( the hidden monster)) All cycles come to an end in the main time learn to legally profit from it.—-
    Russia will continue to protect its own interests even using war, this is no brainer. The west will finance the ka-oss once again behind the curtains etc.—Human Evolution is to be continued to Nill progress. This is also due to the control of the LABOR Asset. —With so much knowledge now a days, why we continue in despair..This is cause this is also a controlling tool.—-
    Always go with the trend. Know who is pushing UP or Down and when.
    –The Uranium stock recommended by the Equedia Letter, I made a comment last year that if the price holds the 1.15 level it would be a positive entry when the price was in the 80-90 cents.Everything has its own season and this helps predict when the Big money is moving. January to May the metals season in on if the Big money is in. Just to list two stocks..Standard Silver was my pick for the year. and a speculative play in Ballard Power.. The fighting to control energy will continue to favor the uranium stocks as this will be the alternative energy but these also have their cycle/season. Wait for the go ahead signals.
    Always protect your investment and any gains.
    PS. Canadian Prime minister visited Israel and give them a couple of MM$. what bothers me is that no citizen authorize this disbursement. Was it a buy votes move?? Just an event to give you the ideia that goverments are corporations with little interest for you and me the commoner. Study your government and the elite become exposed.
    Solution:::: every major monotery move or use and all other Important policies should be voted by the public for the majority interest, and not by the electives in power for their brain been manipulated.. THIS IS DEMOCRACY–We have the technology don’t we.
    Keep an eye open on what is moving and why???
    THANKS TO EQUEDIA for the education in keeping us alert…

  17. Terry says:

    Hi Lee:

    Read your comments with great interest and I agree with you that something needs to be done to change things. If you read my comments above, you will realize that the only way we can get a true democratic governing system is to booth out Lawyers from their strangle hold they have in our systems. If you watched President George W, Bush in his comments regarding trial lawyers being one of the greatest threats to Health Care in the US was Lawyers. This comment was mage by him on his attempts to change medicare while he was in office. The fact is that Lawyers have written laws in every arena of our lives in this Democracy and as they did so, they stripped away the rights of the people power. They even stripped away a lot of the rights of government to change things because the lawmakers/Lawyers have placed legislation above all others and as long as there is legislation in effect, all hands are tied. You never see Lawyers taking on the big criminal elements of our societies and have you ever asked why. The real reason is because it’s the big criminal elements that fill up the bank accounts of lawyers. We see today in our legal systems that the criminals have more rights than their victims, {GO FIGURE}. The only hope in our system of government is to demand a complete change of powers in governments and the only way is to remove the powers of lawyers because they are failing us miserably.

  18. David says:

    A while back, in a supposedly unguarded moment while a microphone was open, Obama was heard to say to Putin something to the extent that “I will have more latitude in my next term.” Are these words more understood now, and how are they playing out in today’s events?

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