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One More Month: The Public Unveiling of Blade Optics11 min read

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  1. Mike Posnikoff says:

    Will this be cheaper than conventional telescopes that have comparable resolution? Is size the main advantage? How big is the potential market?

  2. fred ogden says:

    NXO Launch

  3. Travis says:

    NXO Launch

    I am a big investor as well and would be absolutely ecstatic to see this truely magnificent prototype revealed to the public. Hope I win ??

  4. TIM OVENS says:

    NXO Launch

  5. B says:

    So how does this differ from what is being done at U of Utah, Caltech and Harvard, all patenting and perfecting flat lens technology specifically for cellphones as their direct market. Each have been at it for as far back as 2012 and have associations with the US military, Google etc. One can’t play the investments of a university patent, that is where Nexoptix has the opportunity for the public but its all about the cellphone cameras, that’s the real “bluesky opp”, not telescopes. Just asking.

  6. DWeek says:

    Hey the Shares dropped today, either there’s some insider info unknown to the public or a massive pump and dump happened. Could someone explain this phenomenon?

    1. Aj says:

      Wondering the same myself. Was buying all the way up and now am sitting at an average a sliver above $3/per. Standing pat since the drops started but today’s buzzerbeater drop to the $1.50’s range has me losing it. I left work today and it was $2.40ish – I walked in my front door 40 mins later and I’ve lost 25%. I’m fairly green, but thats not normal. Lots of rumours starting up but have no idea whats happening. Allegedly there was some profit taking by one of the big trading companies which triggered stop-losses and everything collapsed. Sounds logical, but no idea. Some insider selling also occurred, but it was for tiny amounts and likely was profit taking. Again logical. No idea though.
      Still think this is the real deal and April 4th is going to be fantastic but man this is getting to be a heck of a toboggan ride. Hopefully Ivan has some insight!

      1. DWeek says:

        So after finding out what happened, Insider Arnold Armstrong sells 20,000 Shares on March 17th at $3.15 per share, and Director James Garnet Clark sells 5,000 of his share. My question is, with the upcoming event in April 4th coming soon, knowing confidentially that this technology will be a big break through, why would they sell their stock when it implies that they might make more off by waiting till the day of the event.

    2. Greg says:

      There were short sellers trying to bring the s stock down. It failed on their attempt.

  7. T III says:

    I have no reason to doubt the veracity of this newsletter. I don’t use it for investing ideas, but I DO enjoy the overall editorial theme. However, after a quick glance at the NXOPF chart? Wow, it does have the appeance of a “textbook” penny stock scam. So then I just did a quick Google news search – and the first item is the REQUIRED press release from NXO of “no material change” prompted early in the dramatic (and unusual) run-up – the type that you wouldn’t expect until AFTER a really successful launch event. Please don’t misunderstand me. Just to be 100% clear: I’ve not researched the company at all – other than what’s been written on this site (which I’ve found interesting due to a background in physics and astronomy). I was honestly surprised by what happened to the stock price – EVEN though I never expected that a company with so little resources was going to “disrupt” anything. Sure,, anything is possible (and I won’t drag out the “Steve Jobs built Apple in a garage” cliche). My point is just that REGARDLESS of how this tech works out for NXO – it’s a cool “Cinderella story” – and those who HAVE considered it to be worth investing deserve (like all of us) to not be taken advantage of. There is never a guarantee to make money OR to not be ripped off. But I find myself sincerely hoping that an explanation for the insane FLASH CRASH to NXOPF is made known – as I don’t WANT to believe it was intentional (and those familiar with the penny stock game know how the stories work). Again, I am not at ALL informed here, but… it doesn’t look good. I doubt there was any “institutional” smart money involved, or any evil HFT hedge funds, haha. So who knows? Lastly, even if it WAS manipulated – it certainly doesn’t imply any impropriety by Equedia OR company insiders. Not at all. Though it would leave a bad taste in my mouth. But there IS some GOOD news too, I.e. this “story” is not over yet! And thus it can still have a happy ending. Good luck! T III

  8. Mark Bailey says:

    NXO launch
    Wow is all I can say. Can’t wait.

  9. Greg says:

    NXO Launch

    I also bought this stock at around .34 cents. I have added to my position a few times more! Can’t wait for the launch!!!

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