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Pipeline Battles Continued: Is ISIS About to Get Crushed in Syria?17 min read

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  1. bill c. says:

    Oh my god. This has my head spinning. Russia will take control despite all others efforts to see that it doesn’t. Saudi Arabia controls the direction of the pipeline to turkey. Rumour has it that Isil is feeding Turkey the oil which they have stolen and now control. All participants it seems are trying to take out Syrias’ leader but no one will admit it. The USA in all their infinite wisdom, seem to think they are sitting back and willing to accept whatever direction this goes but are really deciding with Iran, the direction of oil and gas to prevent Russia from taking control Syria. Then, to take the cake, the IMF are letting China in. Don’t understand that. Wait. My head is slowing down and I can focus again. God I’m glad I live in Canada. A quiet, peaceful country that has to suffer the brunt of the greed of the rest of the world.

    1. Peter says:

      Actually bill, everyone admits that they’re trying to overthrow Assad – that’s the US goal and have been very public about it.

      This article explains it very well – poor Syria. Just stuck in a bad place

  2. fred says:

    These misearable nations have hated each other since JC was born,and there is nothing you and I can change.Close there boaders and let them destroy each other until the best man win,there is absolutely nothing I need from them,but feel sorry.If they start there beliefs and shenanigans here where we respect freedom.Shoot em

    1. noIMspartacus says:

      you pathetic, ignorant muppet…. lets hope sheeple like you don’t breed…

  3. lee says:

    NOTHING MORE THAN AN INTENDED MANUFACTURED PLAN. By connecting the dots one can reveal the same historical behavior by this elite group….To hell with them…

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