The Russian Secret: Russia Unloads US Bonds

I know things have been volatile and people are running scared, but even as the market looked like it was about to collapse – it didn’t. Even as short selling bets against the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index rose to a nine-month high last week, that doesn’t mean we’re going to see a major pullback. If we do, those will be prime opportunities to pick up more cheap stock. That’s why I have been proactive in telling readers…

The Hoarding Has Begun: Venezuela Nationalizes Gold Sector

There is a major disconnect from reality. While the long term outlook for the US and the world remains dismal, the near term outlook really isn’t as bad as the media has been making it out to be. We can’t ignore numbers and forecasts – even if they are being changed week after week. Just when we thought we were in the clear for a short term rally, we get slammed with more negative forecasts and numbers. Take a look:

The Biggest Buyers of Garbage

After starting the week off with a bang as I anticipated (The New Breed of Destruction), the market once again tumbled back down towards the end of trading Wednesday when Bernanke decided to open his big mouth. His comments were more of the same…slower growth anticipated, near-zero interest rates, pace of progress in employment remains frustratingly slow, slightly higher unemployment rate in the near future, and that he is clueless as to why the economy is in a soft patch.

The New Breed of Destruction

After a few years of a so-called recovery since 2008, the world is still in turmoil. The markets are still wavering. Protests in Greece, double-dip housing in the US, Moody’s possible downgrade on Italy’s sovereign credit rating, and China’s inflationary growth issues are all running rampant. The markets have a lost a trillion dollars in value since the S&P came off its highs in April and we’re seeing the index less than a few points away from correction territory…

Right Under Your Nose

Another week, another…Well, let’s be real, it’s almost impossible to summarize in one word a market that has been aggressively trading sideways for the last three months. Spring time fever and the summer doldrums are beginning to set in quicker than ever. Bid support for many of the commodities-based stocks are falling by the wayside, forcing great stocks much lower than where they should be.

Enron Lives On?

Controversy. Manipulation. Conspiracy. Corruption. Enron lives on? There are many words to describe things we don’t understand and things we can’t control.

A Whole New World

The summer holidays are officially over. The kids are going back to school. And it’s time we all get back to work.

But what a wonderful way to kick off and revive the working spirit. The markets are looking strong and confidence among U.S. consumers are continuing to beat expectations. Despite the rise in unemployment last month, this month clearly showed better numbers.

Heck, there’s even positive signs from the US real estate market, regardless of the continued foreclosures. The number of contracts to purchase previously owned houses unexpectedly rose in July, a sign the market may be starting to stabilize. U.S. mortgage rates dropped to yet another record low with the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage falling to 4.32 percent. That’s the 11th straight week of matching or setting a new low for mortgage rates. Imagine that. 4.32 percent for 30 years!

Time to Think Again

There’s no denying that China has become a country of serious power. With that power, comes worldwide consequences for all of her actions.

Right now, no one is certain which way China is heading. Will China continue this massive growth and fuel the world economy? Or is there a bubble waiting to burst?

Knowing What It Takes

Wow. It’s amazing how the summer heat really gets to everyone. Brokers, analysts, and fund managers all seem to be taking a break. I don’t blame them. After the turbulent ride we’ve experienced, we all deserve a great summer.

Last week (see The Catch 22), we talked about unemployment numbers and how corporations are still extremely cautious on hiring and spending. The amount of cash each company holds is now far greater than…

The Catch 22

Last week was a wonderful and well deserved break for all of us. After the chaos we experienced over the last few years, it’s nice to finally feel a little more at ease.

But that doesn’t mean that the markets are stable. As a matter of fact, the world economy is still in a very volatile space. The only difference this time around is that we’ve heard it all before. From market crash to inflationary woes, we have taken just about everything the financial world can throw at us.

While the world is still in the midst of recovery and at risk of falling into a double-dip recession, there is one nation who not only survived the market crash better than anyone, but has now become one of the first to true recovery…

Another Shot At Glory

There’s nothing like turning on the TV and seeing another rerun. Last week was no different. From ups and downs to completely sideways, the markets once again showed us it’s unclear intentions.

President Obama reassured us that everything was going to be okay; that his administration has saved over 2 million jobs and that a second depression is no longer a possibility. Heck , they even raised the discount rate by 0.25% this week to bring back a “normalization” of lending.

Despite occasional pullbacks, there has been a lot of excitement in the markets as the rally continues to push through new highs. So much that Obama has once again…

It’s Bigger Than Ever

The weather has been miserable all week long.

Every day, I found myself waking up and staring outside the window to see nothing but grey skies and dark rain clouds.

The markets have been turbulent to say the least. We knew the markets were due for a correction at some point. But this week the markets showed us once again who was boss. The Dow dropped 268 points on Thursday, dipping below 10,000 and giving us the worst one-day decline we have had since April 2009. Every major exchange around the world saw red.

Friday was no different. I woke up and looked outside my window only to see those same dark clouds and grey skies casting their shadow. My friend had called me the night before for a round of golf but I turned him down because I knew the weather would suck. I was right.

I got out of bed and went straight to my computer.

Then it hit me. Déjà vu.