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The Last Resort: When Monetary Policy Fails6 min read

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  1. Rajan says:

    The usual CYA catchall to all investment promotions is ” The Past is not a true indicator to the future ”

    I find that line missing from this forecast that war is imminent

  2. cathy says:

    Even though I do denounce by my US citizenship, I think you mean renounce. 😉

  3. “When America came out as the victor, people wanted to invest in somewhere safe.”–
    are you taking a drug? or are you actually believing all of that hogswallop from hollywood — My Dad a Career Royal Canadian Navy Veteran and Dunkirk participant – used to get up at that moment in the movie, when all the shooting would start and he would pace about the room nervously recounting the 11 cents in his pocket – and he would light a cigarette and say “here come the damn yankees to tell us how they saved the world ”
    His was not the only opinion like that – i heard it lots form those who were there = on the beach and on the ships –
    I would suggest to you my friend that you may want to give serious consideration to re writing your war mongering piece to read — ” When America came home having mot been too soundly trounced, and found out the Marshall Plan had been identified as the plan to rebuild a post war world people wanted to invest in somewhere safe.– they wanted to invest in a currency that was not devastated by debt or devaluation – and because Canada still needed to get Royal Ascent for any activity that involved economic change — America took the engineers after Diefenbaker closed down the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow plans – and now they had a product to match the cars and nylons and fancy dresses – and ….
    .. whats that they did not teach you that in school – that the Jet Fighter is Canadian – hmm like Superman
    When America came out as the victor,” best laugh i had to day thanks
    roger whittaker

  4. Myron Bevans says:

    The war has already started Mr. Lo, and it is called “Financial War”. The problem is, it is not readily visible, as it is being fought with computers and various electronic means. This levels the playing field, reducing America’s vaunted military machine significantly, while increasing the clout of anyone with computers and hacker expertise. The outcome depends on who has superiority in this arena, as it has no historical precedent and is therefore unpredictable. I have no idea of what steps the average person can take to protect himself, other than trying to isolate oneself from technology for his existence, a near-impossibility it would seem.

    1. J Matthews says:

      The Depression was really bad because PEOPLE WERE HUNGRY. You can’t eat financial assets. Most of us have life, health, disability, car and house/renter insurance. But do we have food insurance? Every thinking middle class person should have at least a year’s supply of rice in their home for all their family members. It’s not hard to do. Keep the rice dry, and it will last forever. I also keep a year’s worth of honey (lasts a long time) and 6 months supply of canned goods/ vitamins/ pasta…) Eat/give to food bank the older stuff and renew monthly. If everyone in your neighborhood does this, you can all survive empty grocery stores, pandemics etc. without anarchy. Also smart to keep vegetable seeds for your family (and neighbors) if you have a yard. They’re cheap and last forever if they’re dry. If you can afford internet, you can afford rice.

  5. Lee says:

    what is war good for?

    Depends on which side you are on. The peaceful side or the Monetary policy side.
    US does benefit largely by the sales of warfare. So whenever in economic distress the last resort is to sell weaponry. How sad. the destruction of any soul.

    100yr cycle since 1914 first world war right after the FED was initiated 1913. amazing clue. put the dots together. Then boom 1918-22 first major wave correction then 1929. WHO BROUGHT THE MARKET DOWN TO ITS KNEES and the reason????

    Only the people power/sentiment in the USA is preventing another out-full war, until some one else comes to power and convinces the people different.
    First lets thing about why there are wars. A lot of it has to do with Foreign Policy which is enslavement on another peoples culture and way of life. We need to let each country evolve at its own pace.
    Further more neither the US or any other country has the power to dictate the events by the POST MASTER.
    The powers behind the scenes are the ones in control via masked faces.

    Real Power is in the people for without the physical body there are no wars.

    Let’s phase it
    We all are brothers and sisters in zero point energy. Till Rome understands and and implement this believe earth shall not be a peaceful place for our temporary experience here by not letting people evolve at their own freedom and choice.
    And let go of the self-ego.

    PS. without prejudice.

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