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Is Japan Secretly Working with the United States?8 min read

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  1. viren says:

    fantastic view point.

  2. jrj90620 says:

    Fiat currencies and debt are the biggest bubble currently.When they go into freefall ,the whole central bank game,of printing to stimulate economies, is over.

  3. Dave Ludlow says:

    Japan’s quantitative easing was a natural consequence of rise of the YEN in the 80’s and subsequent negative effect on its economy.
    Recently with the US printing money (electronically) with quantitative easing, Japan could simply not compete but as soon as the US ended its printing money, Japan seized the opportunity to resume its printing of YEN.
    Saying that Japan and the US are in a conspiracy together as allies is comparable to saying China and the US are in a conspiracy together as enemies rather than all opportunists in the realm of international finance.

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