Is This Glencore’s Lehman Moment?

Lena Komileva, managing director and chief economist at G+ Economics, and Bloomberg’s Will Kennedy discuss the turbulent week for Glencore and outflows in emerging markets. They speak to Bloomberg’s Anna Edwards on “Countdown.”

What Higher Fed Interest Rates Mean for You

The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates at historic, near zero levels for nearly seven years. If Federal Reserve officials begin raising rates this week, what will that mean for you? Bloomberg’s Ben Steverman looks at four things you may want to consider.

Why Can U.S. Have Policies No Other Countries Can?

Bank of America Head Merrill Lynch Head of Global Rates and Currencies David Woo discusses Fed policy and the dollar and why the US can have monetary policies that no other country can.

The Great US Debt Rotation

Here’s a look at the great US debt rotation and how the stock market bubble will burst to fuel the demand for the mass supply of bonds in the market.

Why Isn’t Inflation Higher? Inflation Targeting

Think you know why inflation isn’t higher? We bet you’re wrong. Here’s the truth on why inflation isn’t higher, and how the Fed uses inflation targeting, with real examples and dates to show you how the Fed has managed to keep inflation down despite increasing the money supply through Quantitative Easing (QE).

Is China Using the Yuan to Fund a Currency War?

China’s yuan led the biggest two-day selloff in Asian currencies since 1997, fuelling concern that financial-market volatility will curb global economic growth and a possible “currency war” if other countries devalue exchange rates to stay competitive in global export markets.

NYSE Halted Trading in All Securities: What We Know

The New York Stock Exchange halted trading in all securities as it addressed a computer malfunction and said it canceled all outstanding orders. Bloomberg’s Michael Regan reports on “Bloomberg Markets.”

The Truth About the Currency Wars

Here’s the truth about the currency wars and its not what you think. Read this to learn why every one has the currency war meme wrong and what its really all about.

Japan Shorts Surge to Highest Since 2008

Short-selling accounted for 38.3 percent of trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the highest ratio since the bourse began keeping daily records more than six years ago. Bloomberg’s David Ingles has more on “First Up.”

The Best Way to Be a Billionaire Before You’re 40

How do you become a billionaire before you’re 40? Watch as Bloomberg’s Peggy Collins reports on what the world’s billionaires are doing to make their money through a global survey of 1300 wealth accumulator.

Loretta Lynch: How ‘The Cartel’ Manipulated Currency Markets

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch speaks at a press conference to announce that five banks have pled guilty to and will be fined for rigging currency markets. She explains how the banks engaged in manipulating the markets.

Banks Settle: Breaking Down the $5.8B in Fines Six Banks Will Pay

Assistant Attorney General Bill Baer discusses the guilty plea from banks involved in the currency rigging probe. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets.”