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Who really controls GameStop stock? These Guys…

Think you know everything about GameStop?

Better than Inside Information: How Venture Capital Get Access

These funds are now front-running the biggest upcoming investment trend with something more predictable than inside information, and this is what they're betting on.

The Large Hadron Collider Explained

The world's largest science instrument ever built has been turned on.

Another Way to Profit from the Hercules Discovery

The Hercules discovery represents the first significant porphyry copper system discovered in the state of Idaho.

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It's Begun: The Gathering of Elites

While you're focused on P-Diddy and the Baltimore Bridge, a One World Currency is developing.

A Billion-Dollar Project on sale for $40 Million?

This company just announced a project worth nearly C$1 billion, but trades at less than a $40 million market cap.

How to Value Mining Stocks: Cut-Off Grade Theory and Practice

Applying cut-off grade to a gold mine to see how it affects mine life

When Things Turn Around, Be Prepared: Mining 101

It's unpopular, but mining stocks will be critical in the world's development – this is what to look for when investing in mining companies.

This Might Change Your Life

How one man reshaped an industry by looking from a different perspective.

Insane Performance. By NOT Listening to Experts.

If you listened to the experts who called for a market crash, you would have missed yet another incredible stock market performance. Here's why THEY were wrong.

It's Happening: Why You Need to Act Now!

From conspiracy to reality, the roots of a totalitarian government are spreading. Here's what world leaders have planned for you.

A Rising Star in an Industry Facing Deficit

This industry just experienced one of the most significant supply deficits on record. And one stock just struck an incredible deal to benefit from it.

These Shocking Charts Explain Everything

A look at a series of shocking charts that not only predict what's about to happen, but explains so much why things are the way they are.

Is a Stock Market Crash Imminent?

With bonds crashing and yields rising, is a stock market crash imminent? Here is a bigger picture look of what's to come.

I enjoy reading your investment newsletter

Lots of good information, gold seems to be highlighted as a potential investment that could grow in the coming months, as worldwide events do point to some financial difficulties that could cause losses in the stock market, not to mention, a decline in investor sentiment. Any suggestions on what gold stocks would be a good buy to hold, and mining stocks too. I realize that Equedia does not provide investment advice and you are not brokers or financial institutions. Any words of wisdom from the Equedia pro’s would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you!

John R. Vicente

Omg, thanks to you so much for this facts-based article.

I am Canadian originally from the UK England.
The writing has been on the wall for years. But the media who lie every second they breath have convinced the SHEEP that’s it’s true. You are correct on every single point.
Keep up the good work. I don’t know how you do it. I would have thrown my hands up in disgust a long time ago. People just don’t get it.
Divide and conquer

Vicky McNeill

I really appreciate getting your newsletter.

It is exceptionally informative. I detect sincerity, integrity and honesty. It is my judgement that a large number of of these kinds of services are more interested in subscriptions. You have my interest and applause. Thank you for such fine work.

Dr. R. Carter

Your analysis and insight are well above an average person.

Albert Einstein was stated to have said, something like, you really are not a good subject matter teacher until you can explain it to a child. Yet, I enjoy and appreciate pondering all your commentary,

Thank You.


A very insightful article an exactly my experience as well.

I run a small junior mining Company and believe these policies are destroying an entire sector of our economy. Resources are what CANADA was built on and this manipulation will be our ruination. Talk is cheap however I have been talking with some fellow mining companies and it’s time to wake the hell up and make the public take notice.
Only through galvanizing the public attention will we get the politicians to change the rules…otherwise it will never change.

Terry Lynch

An enlightening perspective on Covid

It’s the direct and indirect impact from a medical, economic and social perspective. It’s got me “rethinking” my own short and long term financial plans.

Makes me think of the quote by Helen Keller, “Worse than being blind, is having sight with no vision”.

Thank you, Ivan!

Keith D.

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