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Archive - Equedia Investment Research

Past Headlines

It's that time of the year when newsletter writers dust off their crystal balls and make their predictions for the new year - But should you listen?

We begin the New Year by re-visiting another uncommon technical indicator as it relates to the TSX Gold Index: the Aroon. Here's what it says about gold stocks today.

TRIX is a technical oscillator for the monthly gold chart that may prove to be “worth its weight in gold.” Let's see why.

US Dollar chart analysis: A look at the US Dollar long-term chart to see where the $USD is headed, and what it might mean for gold.

Stocks are down and the Fed has hinted at up to three rate hikes next year - Is the bubble finally popping?

Despite the market dropping, there are still signs of positive momentum. Here's what the DOW daily and weekly charts tell us now.

Based on our DOW chart analysis last week, it seemed likely to dip below its Ichimoku Cloud. Here's what happened since, and what to look for now.

When the Federal Reserve chair has finally admitted that inflation may not be transitory, it's time to rethink how to invest.

What the DOW chart is telling us including daily chart analysis, resistance and support levels, and patterns.

Dow Daily Chart Analysis: The Dow had one of the worst days of the decade - Here is what the daily chart for the DOW tells us.