Ebola: Disease boom-bust cycle on Mainstreet1 min read

Ebola: Disease boom-bust cycle on Mainstreet

Fears over Ebola have seen around 18-thousand nurses go on a 2-day strike in the American city of Oakland. They’re concerned about, what they claim, are low standards in s Oakland and the care of those who might be infected. Terrifying as the virus is, the hype over Ebola was almost inescapable just weeks ago, but the press coverage now seems very different, as RT’s Head of Social Media Ivor Crotty explains.

[youtube height=”326″ width=”580″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-6d0XFCvog&list=UUpwvZwUam-URkxB7g4USKpg[/youtube]

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