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The Covert Connection Between Saudi Arabia and Japan12 min read

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  1. fred says:

    the good old us of a knows how to manipulate this organized mess to it’s advantage,so be on guard and invest wisely.

  2. steven L says:

    Why would SA help the US when Obama has decided to dump SA to the benefit of Iran?
    SA could sell “cheap” its oil to Japan!

  3. joe says:

    This is a fascinating piece from Paul Mylchreest on gold price manipulation and the Nikkei, which generally supports your thesis:


  4. ron says:

    Were all victims of these…just be aware n b carefull…Look at those big time financial employees committing ‘suicide’collateral damage…

  5. Lee says:

    When all sectors fall there are economic circumstances that we the public may not be aware of. Logic for these market movements is not visible or are hidden to the commoner.
    And there are plenty this time around. November 2008 to November 2014 is a 5yr cycle repeating itself again.

    Price Monopoly has been the game for ever.
    An example of this is Ontario Hydro begging US to accept free electricity yet Hydro prices keep going up in Ontario. Lack of public demand for full disclosure allows them to do as they please. For the same reason that gas prices jumped from 0.80 cents liter to $1.50 in six months made no sense as this was 60% increase in short-time period.
    All was a set up for what is happening now if you can read between the lines (COINCIDENCES ?). Meaning that company coffers are full of cash to survive this pull back in oil prices.
    This is a message to the public to start spending now as they expect public confidence to carry the markets now.

    This is also 100 yrs. cycle of 1918 to 1922 boom.

    Oil at these lower prices countries or parties are accumulating enough oil to make a killing. Its only you and me that are not allowed to have large enough tanks for storage of oil and gas..get it….

    The earthy population need to unite together to affect change for better economic ways then to evolve and believe me , the new generation sooner than later will do so in taking things(government) into their own hands.

    The control of demand and supply only benefits a few and definetly not the commoner.

    I can’t stand them or the kings or queens and politicians and specially religion banking system ( ROME). For what they have done to society and still doing it. All in the name of liberty and religious believes they control not only our pocket book but our lives (slavery)..

    The Royal Family recent visit to US and most folks still fall for their tricks. They were only messengers on economic issues for congress as to what next will take place.

    Same way that the Canadian prime minister visited Israel with a monetary gift only it was to finance the war that started 3 weeks later.

    Yes. we Canadians are financing that war too.. I am of the believe that Steven Harper acted on instructions from the upper management.


    JAPAN: misunderstood.

    how can a country debt to GDP be so high and still survive. Japan survives and will continue to do so cause they buy their own assets, thus being their own bank.
    something we all need to learn from, after all they own a big portion of the largest empire “US” & “USA”…

    CONSPIRACY theory:
    The earth quake was man made likely (as the natural ways of earth quakes was not much immenent) and mostly by H>A>R>P technology to get them to buy in ,into the west/british/roman banking system

    911: the same story and still we don’t wake up…

    have a good day

  6. Johan Dooyeweerd says:

    I assume you meant the headline of this letter to read “The covert connection between….” And not “convert”

    Enjoyed the article otherwise.

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