Over the past year, we have introduced three different silver juniors - each one making substantial gains this year. Each company has single-handedly beat both the stock market and the gains made by both gold and silver. Here`s a quick review.

Last week, we mentioned that despite poor economic conditions and reports, the Dollar will sink and both precious metals and stocks will climb. This past week, all of those events came true. But will this rally continue? More importantly, will gold and silver's performance continue to beat the market?

Nobody is expecting the US Dollar to do much in the next little while. So you can bet that gold and silver will find a way to work itself higher. With more stimulus and spending in the works, the Fed is cranking up the printing press again, and the dollar is going to suffer for it. But that's exactly what the US wants...

Just days before Bernanke's speech, gold climbed once again while our favourite precious metal, silver, ended the week climbing over 5%. But what's interesting is the fact that gold started to retreat after Bernanke' s statement about the economy.

Everyone needs to eat. So while the light continues to shine on oil and gold, this past week gave centre stage to food.