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What this Bank’s Financial Statement Tells Us About the Economy9 min read

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  1. this headline on the bottom of your latest letter —
    Sixty killed/injured everyday in E.Ukraine

    Many civilians are feared dead after Kiev authorities resumed shelling of eastern districts in Lugansk. But just how bad is the violence? Watch this story unfold as every part of the city is now under heavy artillery attack.

    — remarkably your whole letter was focused on the “lies” placed with in the media when the facts do not bear out the jist of the story presented – so my question to you is this — whey is 60 people killed or injured everyday in ukraine a headline when the average of 88 per day killed in the american workplace is no headline at all — and the Labour Bureau adds deaths of those with industrial disease which brings the daily average up to nearly 150 per day more than twice the #’s in a foreign war —
    ironic – all that —
    roger whittaker

  2. Goldeye says:

    Maybe George Soros, Carl Icahn and company will have to once again double-down their SPY puts as just about every forecast sentiment I’ve read is predicting a major correction this fall. When too many bearish sentiments and negative “bets” are on one side of a trade, then perhaps the line of least resistance for the markets is still up. It wouldn’t surprise me if the real fireworks don’t start till next year, after the Dow is comfortably past 18,000. Jmvho.

  3. Don Yee says:

    Not to make light of your report but my Feng Shui adviser has advised me to stay in the Market thru 2017 but make sure to exit by 2018. Methinks the Fed, therefore, will be prevented from raising rates until such time. The future is getting interesting, that’s for sure.

  4. Dr. Newman says:

    Growing income inequality, along with the squeezing and shrinking of the middle class, will ultimately destroy the US economy. Unions need to be revived and strengthen, and increased taxes on the wealthy to provide some redistributional effects, could help revive the economy. Tax cuts certainly haven’t worked as we have seen, and for very good reason as it decreases the redistribution of wealth to those who will spend it and stimulate the economy. The suggestion that tax cuts lead to greater investment is bogus if there is no market growth requiring investment in greater production.

    It is time to wake up to the fact that the neo-liberal ideologies that have been so widely espoused and accepted is doing no more than allowing the very wealthy to get wealthier while the rest of the economy slowly gets strangled. This is the stuff that ultimately lead to revolutions.

  5. bill says:

    I am a firm believer that when the government and the media hype spells out success. then buyer beware. I am not a doomsayer but I know that the American economy is NOT handing out candies to the kids because they have bags full. They are being misled into believing that life is rosy again and are falling into a trap that has been misconstrued as glorious times. Roll out the red carpets and lets have a ticker tape parade! Head down to your bank and get a credit card. Get two, there cheap! Increase your limit on them so you can put a down payment on an overinflated piece of property as well, then go buy a new vehicle, quads, boats, etc. so that you can help the economy by moving money around. DO YOUR PART!

    1. Lee Fan says:

      may I add: move your money around and end up owing the banks who owe the fed and who end up owning your property once you default on your payments

  6. Owen says:

    Is it one bad quarter? What does yoy look like. Personaly I dont think things are getting better but the US will catch a tail wind when all the boomers are in retirement homes or other wise, then housing should turn around.

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