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The Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar

A great video on the best kept secrets of the dollar. Once you watch this video, then perhaps gold and silver will seem more valuable.

Harper on Senate Scandal

Harper on Senate scandal: Canadians have been waiting for the Prime Minister to say something about the secret deal that forced his Chief of Staff to quit. Today he spoke publicly for the first time since this story broke.

Companies with the Largest Debt are Biggest S&P 500 Winners

Scarlet Fu examines how the biggest winners on the S&P 500 in 2013 are also the companies with the largest debt and least amount in their cash piles.

The Shocking Truths About High Frequency Trading

In this letter, Ivan Lo reveals the Shocking Truths About High Frequency Trading, how it affects our markets, how and why it works, and the dangers involved

Venezuela Has No Toilet Paper

The massive devaluation of Venezuelan currency has led to the scarcity of items required for daily living; including toilet paper. Venezuela has no toilet paper

Christie’s Art Sale Smashes Records for 12 Artists, Including Jackson Pollock

Christie’s Art Sale Smashes Records: Records were smashed for Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein and auctions themselves as Christie’s sold $495 million of contemporary art last night in New York.

Justice Department Invades Privacy of the Press

The Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press.

Chart on Gold Mining Costs vs. Gold Prices

Chart on Gold Mining Costs vs. Gold Prices: In today’s “Single Best Chart,” Alix Steel displays the relationship between falling gold prices and mining.

Tea Party Targeted by IRS: Who Was Responsible?

Tea Party Targeted by IRS: Who Was Responsible? Cook reports on the admission by the IRS who singled out conservative groups based on political stances

The Highest Growth Silver Producer: Aurcana Corporation

In this exclusive report, Equedia talks about Aurcana Corporation and why it is one of the highest growth silver producers with massive exploration upside.

GLD Gold ETF Inflows and China Gold Demand Surges

GLD gold ETF inflows sees biggest rise in two months, while China continues its massive purchases of gold. Manipulators forcing gold down may have backfired

Fighting the Bank of Japan: Stagflation a Risk?

Fighting the Bank of Japan: Stagflation a Risk? Scarlet Fu examines the BOJ’s unprecedented easing and its affect on the Yen and Japanese stock market.