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The Equedia Letter is one of the fastest growing and largest investment newsletters dedicated to revealing the truths about the stock market.

The Equedia Letter was primarily offered only to high net worth individuals. Due to the success and demand of our research, our Letter is now read by thousands of bankers, brokers, analysts, fund managers, and high net worth retail investors. We are adding thousands of sophisticated readers every month. 

The Equedia Letter has grown not only because of the successful companies we present, or the high returns that many of them have shown, but because we’re not afraid to share the truth; because we write to educate, not discriminate.

This investment newsletter from a Canadian perspective goes out once per month and provides insight on world events that could impact your portfolio.

In each issue, Equedia gives you early notice of market events that could significantly impact your trading and goes beyond what the mainstream media is telling you. It gives you the truth on what’s happening in the markets and provides you with links, resources, research, and strategies from the top investment minds in the industry. Equedia also curates news and videos from around the world that you need to see but often don’t because of how the media system works: you only see what they want you to see.

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Ivan Lo

Ivan Lo is the editor and founder of and The Equedia Letter, an online publication focused on investing from a Canadian perspective. With over 750,000 subscribers of high net worth investors, retail investors, brokers, analysts and fund managers, The Equedia Letter has become one of Canada’s most trusted investment newsletters, providing information on many stocks that have earned significant returns for its subscribers. As a result of his performance, Mr. Lo now works closely with brokers, money managers and industry reporters to bring them new ideas and insights on the market. He is a well-known capital markets advisor who has financed many public and private companies, and has helped raised millions for his portfolio companies – many of which have led to successful exits through buyouts and capital market appreciation.

Mr. Lo is also well known for predicting market events long before they happen; in stocks, politics, and the economy. When the financial crisis hit in 2008, he told his readers that he was loading up on stocks, both in the U.S. market and in the Canadian Resource sector; a difficult call as many had predicted that the financial system and the stock market was over.  Early in 2012, he called for the S&P to rise passed 1500 and the Dow to surpass 14000; this was during a time when every other analyst called for Doom and Gloom. He also called for gold prices to top out at $1900, but this was also a time when gold was trading at below $1000. On the political front, he predicted that Mitt Romney would run against President Obama in the 2012 elections, during a time when everyone thought it would be Herman Cain. He also predicted that the fiscal cliff was a non-issue and told his readers to ignore the drama. In recent years, he has been extremely accurate with his timing on Fed policies, Canadian politics, and precise timing on the rebound in gold stocks. He has further made startling predictions including the Basic Income tests for Canada and Japan just weeks before they happened. And just recently, he predicted that Trump would be the next likely President of the United States and that his rise to US politics should not be taken lightly. This was in the beginning of 2016, when no one could imagine that this scenario could possibly play out with Trump as President. 

His Letter may sometimes be controversial, but they are always backed by facts, research, and an unbiased and often contrarian opinion – that has, of course, proven to be correct many times.

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