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The Yuan as an International Currency and the Death of an Oil Giant14 min read

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  1. John says:

    Unfortunately what we are seeing now is the result of decades of corruption and bought politicians. All of the recent wars the USA have started, including the destabilization of foreign nations, is not about securing oil supplies as the politicians would have us think. It is a last ditch effort or Hail Mary long shot to protect the dollar.
    I’ll go out on a limb to say, in 6 months to a year the dollar will no longer be the reserve currency. The new reserve currency will probably be the Rimniby?
    The culprits are; the one percenters who control most of the worlds wealth, the Central Bankers, the Investment Bankers, the Federal Reserve, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Business, and of course the Politicians who willing participate while the tax payers are being financially raped!
    There is an easy solution, but it may be too late for the USA to implement it.

  2. Kash Man says:

    Oil and the dollar are intertwined. Unfortunately, when the dollar does go, the guys behind the central bank that run the world will simply move onto the next.

  3. stevie ray says:

    Having been on the planet for 53 years, all of them as a US citizen, I find it hard to blame most countries for being tired of our crap. We talk the talk, but we don’t walk the walk. When 60% of our population controls less than 5% of the total wealth, when most US citizens have no faith in their government, why should anyone else?

  4. Justin Bays says:

    The nations of the world cannot be blamed for their effort to protect the nation’s wealth and attempting to shore up a globally unstable economic arena. If the United States would have been financially responsible in the approach to restart a dead economy that is still without doubt about 50% percent dead then we would not have such a debt that can never be repaid in full. The economy is a total sham due to the government’s intrusion into the market place many, many years ago and has steadily increased to the point that there is not a free market place to attempt to operate a sound financial monetary system that the nations of the world are willing to trust at this point in time. The United States house of finances are without doubt beyond repair. Nations have begun to try to hedge against the eventual total devastation of the United State of America’s monetary system(scheme)thereby destruction of the existing economic activity in this nation for a period of unknown time or anyone’s ability to determine or even put forth an educated speculation of recovery. Recovery may never occur to a degree of any meaningful participation in the world economy for this nation. Nations will always employ their money where the least risk is present and the best return is possible. One could say the United States politicians are the blame for our financial ills, but the operation of the political system is to blame. The politicians seek re-election must pay forward rewards to their constituents for their votes. This is a plague that is embedded in the system and operates to spend monies that should never have been spent. Then we have “big Brother'” spending due to an idea that will be better for the people of the nation or the world. These are just two of the main areas of expenditures, but most certainly are a great percentage of our ever continuing deficit and non-stop borrowing to support an artificial standard of living. As soon as the designation as the country of ” Reserve Currency,” is lost and this will come before the total fold up, the people of this nation will have an unreal reality to face. The major mistake that was made in this country was made by President Richard Nixon and that was the uncoupling of the dollar from the corresponding amount of gold. I would like to know that tonight I could liquidate all of my paper assets and real assets, exchange it for gold and silver, some strong currency and leave the U.S. with what I own and find a safe haven to ride out the probable unending storm in my life time.

  5. Michael5152 says:

    Unfortunately until we have more details about when these “suicides” occurred we cannot ascribe a sinister random process is responsible. Who has not heard of the Law of Poisson?

    The Russian drunk snow plow operator’s responsibility in the death of Total’s boss is rather bizarre? As the song goes “Strange things are happening…”

    1. James T says:

      uh…if you read it correctly, the deaths all happened this year. and if you actually did more research, you will also see the exact dates of when these suicides occurred.

  6. chris brown says:

    I think the Canadian decision to trade directly with China , bypassing the U.S.$ , stands as the most noteworthy yet. I would have thought that based on our relationship with them , in so many ways , we would be the last ones to do something like this . The dollar amount is just north of 1B$ but the symbolism is enormous; and unless this is just a pressure tactic to get some movement on XL, I can’t see the powers that be taking this lightly .

  7. Cheryl d. says:

    Seems to me that certain people have seen the writing on the wall, sort of to speak. The world sometimes feels that America owes them a living, But one has to look at what is happing to the world around us. As for the oil crunch, Here in America, a Texas based oil Co., has struck oil in one of the riches holes, enough oil with Billions of gals of oil. Enough oil that we don’t have to depend on other countrys oil. No one will proable ever come to the conclusion of what or why certain people took there lives or their familys lives. The only thing I will do is pray for all of the souls that took there own lives or others, And ask the Lord to watch over the remaining few.

  8. Cheryl d. says:

    This is my 2nd note. After reading everyones comment, it is easier to see what might have happened. It could be that these poor souls backed all of the credit to our elected President, and he took advantage of everyone. He’s not sorry for it either. For he hates America, as we have found out and his last 2 years he will try his damest into making America a solicist Country. And he may make it, but when this country first started, it had one thing that took care of it and helped to make it a great country. This country relizes on GOD our savior. The United States of America is GODS Country and will alway be. Thru thick and thin come hell and high water this country has always come thur it and alway will. For this is Gods country.

  9. SilverSutton says:

    Let’s be clear on one thing. The US is in a downward spiral, you can only borrow so much money to prop up your illusion of dominance. Most everything you have as a country is owned by someone else. The time for back back is coming.

    And one other thing. God has no horse in this race.

  10. bill says:

    Russia, being Russia has very possibly killed this oil magnate, blamed the U.S. because of U.S. sanctions against Russia, will name a ship after this man and make themselves look like the good guy taking some of the media pressure off of them over the Ukraine invasion. Really, what they do with their oil and gas and the type of money used to purchase it is really up to them and the purchasing country. If I wanted to buy something from them in Euros, Francs, Pesos or whatever currency I chose, then that is my option.

  11. bob says:

    As I read those absurd comments from above, it reminds me of the bloggers on CNN. Very few come from independent thinkers but from paid propagandists instead who peddle the anti American line. Poor idddiots, keep talking.

  12. John O'Reilly says:

    There are three sides to every story, your side, my side, and the truth.

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