Should we stay or should we go? That is what the Brits will have to decide this summer in a referendum that will determine if the United Kingdom remains part of the European Union or cuts economic ties. Bloomberg Quicktakes explains the reasons for, against and consequences of a 'Brexit.'

A chilling internal French police report has revealed that as many as 90 'kamikazes' may be roaming the EU. The report also states how terrorists are mastering encryption and bomb making techniques to help them achieve their aims.

Neville Hill, Credit Suisse chief euro-zone economist, discusses the outlook for the euro region and why Europe might not survive the next recession.

In western Germany, a public swimming pool in one town has forbidden entry to male refugees aged over eighteen. Anti-migrant sentiments have been evident elsewhere in Europe since the start of the year. In Austria, a bar in a small town in the east of the country has banned all refugees.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to discuss the string of mass sexual assaults on New Year's Eve in cities across Germany, when she speaks in parliament later on Wednesday. The attacks are suspected of being carried out by migrants. Following those assaults, the government is now set to change its deportation laws. RT’s Daniel Bushell has more.

Protests follow NYE's in Cologne and other German cities where hundreds of women were harassed by men of foreign origin, asylum seekers. Germany has faced a phenomenon of 'Taharrush ja-mie'. This Arabic word describes a group harassment committed by young men during mass gatherings.

Several deadly terrorist attacks have unfolded in France over the past year. So why is the European nation the target of terrorism?

As the Syrian crisis enters its fifth year, tension in the country is still growing. Bashar Assad, the President of Syria, gives an interview to key Russian media, revealing his view on political progress, the Syrian crisis, its allies and its war on terrorism.

Germany is once again in the midst of massive anti-immigration rallies, which are often met with counter-marches, dividing the country in two. The latest demonstrations saw thousands of right-wing protesters expressing anger over the influx of refugees.

Over 260,000 Austrians have signed a petition calling for the EU exit for the country, and now the Austrian parliament must discuss a referendum on the issue. Lizzie Phelan reports.

The IMF finally approved a $17.5 billion loan for Ukraine. But why? Here's a look at the truth about the Ukraine bailout and what it means for the world. The answer is not pretty.

Europe's Central Bank is kicking off its unprecedented one-trillion-euro blitz of bond-buying - in order to stimulate the bloc's economy and avoid deflation. With all other recovery options now exhausted, the currency union has finally resorted to stepping onto the thorny path of full-blown quantitative easing.