The Syrian Catastrophe, Explained in 3 Minutes

The Syrian civil war started in 2011 on the heels of the Arab Spring. It has seen the creation of the Islamic State, half of the country’s residence displaced from their homes, and outside forces getting involved. This QuickTake on the state of Syria looks at how the war unfolded, the players involved, and where the conflict is headed.

Ecuador cuts off internet for Assange over impacting US election

The government of Ecuador says it disconnected the internet connection used by Julian Assange after WikiLeaks “published a wealth of documents, impacting on the US election campaign.”

Cut Off: RT bank accounts in UK will be closed without explanation

RT channel’s bank accounts will be closed in the UK without any explanation. The official statement from NatWest: ‘We have recently undertaken a review of your banking arrangements with us and reached the conclusion that we will no longer provide these facilities.’

The United States vs Germany: A Global Financial War

An international political war is breaking out and the consequences are terrifying. This week, we look at the United States vs. Germany, the events brewing behind the scenes, and what to expect after the US elections.

‘They kill people in their homes’: Pakistani to sue CIA for drone strike that killed relatives

A Pakistani journalist, who lost relatives in a U.S. drone strike, has won permission to sue the people who ordered the attack – after almost seven years of struggle.

Deutsche Bank is a $2 trillion problem

Deutsche Bank is half the size of the Germany economy, but its foundations are shaking due to huge fines, disappearing profits and a share price collapse.

Al Jazeera Investigates: Stealing Paradise

AJ’s Investigative Unit has uncovered corruption in the Maldives. Secretly filmed interviews describe how men on mopeds carried millions in cash to the Maldives’ political elite. President Abdulla Yameen and his former deputy, Ahmed Adeeb, are accused of receiving cash in bags filled with up to $1m, so much that it was “difficult to carry,” according to one of the men who delivered it.

Forget Interest Rates, Can the Fed Buy Stocks?

While the Fed has the world focused on a potential rate hike, there is something much more important you should be focusing on. In this week’s Letter, Ivan talks about exactly what that is, how the world is changing to accommodate it, and how to prepare yourself for such an event.

The Surveillance Firm Recording Crimes From Baltimore’s Skies

Ross McNutt flies surveillance airplanes that record entire cities at a time, giving police the ability to find and track criminals almost anywhere. McNutt’s business is raising privacy concerns as he pitches this technology to municipalities across the United States.

Array of Things Introductory Video

Array of Things is designed as a “fitness tracker” for the city, collecting new streams of data on Chicago’s environment, infrastructure, and activity. This hyper-local, open data is supposed to help researchers, city officials, and software developers study and address critical city challenges, such as preventing urban flooding, improving traffic safety and air quality…but is it?

Is Visegrad the New EU Army?

Leaders of four EU countries lashed out at Germany for insisting on migrant quotas as the German chancellor paid a visit to Poland, a staunch opponent of Berlin’s strategy on refugees.

The Eyes in the Sky That Catch Murders on Tape

Watch as Ross McNutt demonstrates how his aerial surveillance system works. See a shooting, follow the getaway car and learn how McNutt pieces together a theory of a crime network.