How the Commodities Market is Manipulated

How the Commodities Market is Manipulated: A look at how Goldman Sachs and other big banks manipulate the commodities market, with a focus on aluminum.

What Big US Banks are Suddenly Buying

What Big US Banks are Suddenly Buying, insight into hidden accounting practices by Germany’s biggest bank, more on gold, and an interview with Jos Schmitt, CEO of Aequitas Innovations, Canada’s next stock exchange.

Jay-Z vs Diddy: True Net Worth

Jay-Z vs Diddy: True Net Worth: How wealthy are hip-hop stars? Bloomberg created a way to separate the truly rich from the loud-mouth lyricists.

Are Hedge Funds the Ultimate Rip-Off?

Jason Trennert, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Strategist at Strategas Research Partners, Neil Barofsky, Adjunct Professor at New York University School of Law, discuss the benefit of hedge funds to investors.

Deutsche Bank’s Accounting: How they Made Their Loans Disappear

How Deutsche Bank Made Their Loans Disappear: Vernon Silver reports on Deutsche Bank’s accounting that obscured risk and the legality of their practice.

Vatican Officials Arrested in Bank Probe

Vatican Officials Arrested: Senior Vatican prelate, an agent of the Italian secret service and a financial broker were arrested today as part of a corruption investigation in a wider probe of Vatican bank transactions.

How China’s Problems Affect Canada

A look at how China’s problems, both fudged numbers and liquidity crunch, affects Canada, and the looming financial disaster that’s bigger than subprime.

PBOC Moves to Relieve China’s Cash Crunch

In today’s “Single Best Chart,” Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu displays the cash squeeze in China as the overnight lending rate surged to a record Thursday before the People’s Bank of China intervened. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Proof that High Frequency Trading Has Access to News Before Us

Proof that High Frequency Trading Has Access to News Before Us: Official proof that HFT’s control the market by gaining access to news before we do.

Bilderberg Conference: The Secret Summit for World Domination

Bilderberg, the super secret conference in Watford, England, hosting the likes of Tim Geithner, Mario Monti, Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos and more.

Another NSA Leak: Boundless Informant

The NSA’s powerful tool for cataloguing data: Boundless Informant. Yet another string of leaks regarding secret surveillance by the U.S.

NSA: The Biggest Security Leak of the 21st Century?

Biggest Security Leak: Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath discusses the government’s confirmation on Prism.