Can Attacks on Syria Start a Cyberwar?

The Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Twitter account of AP before. But could they expand their hacking attacks if the U.S. conducts strikes against Syria? Moreover, are they a sophisticated group that can unleash something much more devastating? You be the judge.

Syria Really Is About Oil

Syrian debate really is one about protecting oil interests in the region, Peritus’ Tim Gramatovich tells TheStreet’s Joe Deaux.

The Syrian War: What You’re Not Being Told

A one-sided look at the propaganda and conspiracy about Syria and America’s actions on the nation. Watch the video, do your research, and form your own opinion – but don’t do so unless you have seen both sides of the story.

The Truth Behind the NASDAQ Glitch and the Gold Market

A look at what might have caused the NASDAQ Glitch, which halted trading for 3 hours and a look at why one major U.S. bank is transferring gold from other banks.

Computer Glitch Halts NASDAQ Options Trading

Computer Glitch Halts NASDAQ Options Trading: Yet another look at how dangerous and fragile the stock market really is.

Goldman Glitch Trading Error Could Cost $100M

Bloomberg “Market Makers” anchor Erik Schatzker digs deeper into the options malfunction at Goldman Sachs Group that could bring a loss of $100 million to the firm and relates it to some of the most recent trading errors in the industry.

JP Morgan Under FBI Investigation

JP Morgan continues to be under investigation for numerous offenses since 2008. Just recently settled a civil suit for energy manipulation. Now they face a new FBI criminal probe in the California energy market case. Are they being targeted?

Why Solar Energy Won’t Work: The Truth About Solar Energy

Global solar energy capacity has soared in the past 5 years, largely due to solar-friendly government policies and precipitous drops in the price of the technology. Yet Earth’s most abundant energy source still provides only a fraction of our total energy–less than .25% of consumption in the United States. Why isn’t this energy source making more of an impact? The numbers reveal the truth about solar.

More Conspiracy and Fraud from JP Morgan

Preet Bharara charges two JPMorgan traders of conspiracy and fraud saying ‘companies themselves need to pay closer attention to the cultures that they create.’

The NSA’s Secret Weapon: XKeyscore

Can the NSA track your online activity, including your browsing history and online chats without a warrant? Apparently so, using XKeyscore.

Can Cyber Attacks Prompt the Next Financial Crisis?

Howard Schmidt, former White House cybersecurity coordinator, discusses the threat to the U.S. economy from cyber attacks against corporations and the black-market for the selling of information on system vulnerabilities.

Get Out Before It’s Too Late: Commodities Manipulation Revealed

How big banks are involved in commodities manipulation, why the government is finally cracking down on them, and the market outlook of metals as a result.