Why Banks are Being Forced to Create a Stock Market Bubble

A look at why banks are being forced into creating the ultimate stock market bubble, and a look into past Equedia Letters to explain market performance.

How Eike Batista Lost Billions: $34.5 Billion

Watch as Bloomberg Billionaires Editor Matthew G. Miller examines how Eike Batista lost billions, falling from billionaire status and how he lost his $34.5 billion fortune in 18 months. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

The Subprime Crisis Obama is Allowing, But Doesn’t Want You to Know

The subprime crisis Obama is allowing but doesn’t want you to know, a shocking employment statistic, how QE really works Canadian housing numbers, the truth about the stock market’s rise and the amount of money borrowed by hedge funds (it’s a BIG number), the amount of borrowed money it takes to achieve $1 of GDP activity

Making Millions from Whistleblowing: Whistleblower Incentive

U.S. securities regulators announced they have awarded an insane $14 million whistleblower incentive to a whistleblower who helped with an investigation.

The Fed’s Grand Illusion: Why the Fed Didn’t Taper

Why the Fed didn’t taper and the numbers behind their target goals of inflation and unemployment, and how many jobs are needed to reach 6.5% unemployment.

How Hard Is It to Destroy Chemical Weapons?

Julianna Goldman reports on the difficulty in destroying chemical weapons. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

JP Morgan Admits It Broke Securities Laws

Bloomberg’s David Ingles reports on the huge fines for JP Morgan for trying to conceal it’s trading losses from investors. He speaks to Zeb Eckert on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.”

Why Obama Will Soon Make a Very Bold Move

A look at the growing battle between American President Barrack Obama vs. Russian President Vladimr Putin and why the Syria conflict is just beginning.

Proof that there is a Student Loan Bubble

JPMorgan recently said it will not be accepting new private student loan applications. That’s proof there is a student loan bubble boiling.

Mark Zuckerberg on NSA Requests

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses the NSA data requests and user privacy at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 event.

How Sarin Gas Works and Why It’s Deadly

Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath discusses Sarin gas and the Syria conflict.

The Real Reason for War in Syria: Pipeline Control

A look at the real reasons behind the war in Syria and a look at the timeline of events that shows how fragile the global political system is.