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One More Month: The Public Unveiling of Blade Optics

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  1. Mike Posnikoff says:

    Will this be cheaper than conventional telescopes that have comparable resolution? Is size the main advantage? How big is the potential market?

  2. fred ogden says:

    NXO Launch

  3. Travis says:

    NXO Launch

    I am a big investor as well and would be absolutely ecstatic to see this truely magnificent prototype revealed to the public. Hope I win 🙏🙏

  4. TIM OVENS says:

    NXO Launch

  5. B says:

    So how does this differ from what is being done at U of Utah, Caltech and Harvard, all patenting and perfecting flat lens technology specifically for cellphones as their direct market. Each have been at it for as far back as 2012 and have associations with the US military, Google etc. One can’t play the investments of a university patent, that is where Nexoptix has the opportunity for the public but its all about the cellphone cameras, that’s the real “bluesky opp”, not telescopes. Just asking.

  6. DWeek says:

    Hey the Shares dropped today, either there’s some insider info unknown to the public or a massive pump and dump happened. Could someone explain this phenomenon?

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